How Almond Breeze Built Their Pinterest to 10M+ Monthly Views

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April 1, 2021
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Key Takeaways

Organic Tactic — Build an SEO Strategy: Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze Pinterest account has been able to garner a relatively high set of monthly views (10M+) compared to their followers. This is contributed to the fact that they have refined their SEO strategy on their own Pins and enabled the native features of Pinterest for their boards. Their SEO strategy focuses on:

  • Titles & Descriptions: Since 2018, Almond Breeze has shifted their title and description strategy. Originally their approach was heavily keyword stuffed and overloaded. Since 2021, their content is focused on viewer intent, including ingredients and aspects of the recipe that people may already be looking for in their Pinterest searches. 
  • Rich Pins: They are also experimenting with Rich Recipe Pins that sync content from their website directly to a Pin. These Pins are live and update if changes are made to the original recipe. The result provides more robust Pins with detail on the elements of the recipe.
  • Saving External Pins: A large contributor to their organic reach comes from their curated boards that filter different recipe types. They focus on including their own content at the top of their boards but re-Pin user-generated content for more variety in the recipes posted

Content Tactic — Making Posts Easy to Read: Almond Breeze built a Pinterest account that contributes to 39.72% of all Social traffic to their site. They originally started to post in 2014 but took a break from 2018-2020. Almond Breeze recently started posting again, evolving their content presentation and quality making Almondmilk recipes the main source of their content. While they originally created content that rendered recipes in .jpg form, they transitioned to a more user-friendly design that features the recipe written in the caption with the ability to click-through to their website for more information.

User Experience Tactic — Building a Direct Funnel: The Pinterest click-through link to the recipe landing page is a very straightforward experience. Users land on a page that maintains the same imagery featured on Pinterest as well as a full instruction list for the corresponding recipe. Under the ingredient list there is a button that leads users to Almond Breeze’s respective landing page. This page educates visitors on the benefits of their Almondmilk and gives them the opportunity to buy it or locate retailers near them.

Influencer Tactic — Expanding Reach: To supplement their own content, Almond Breeze also engages with influencer marketing to expand their reach. This content can range from people posting their own recipes to examples of how Almondmilk is part of their daily routine. This content gets promoted further as it’s often shared beyond Pinterest on the creators’ own blogs or Instagram pages. These cross-posts often garner positive feedback and excitement from people in their network.

Paid Advertising — Syncing Strategies: To round out their organic strategy, Almond Breeze uses Pinterest ads and Search ads to push recipe-specific content to people searching for dairy-free cooking inspiration. 

  • Pinterest Ads: The same imagery is used in organic Pinterest posts and often leads to the specific recipe page listed in the ad creative.

Search Ads: The keywords are very specific and feature ‘Almondmilk’ in the copy to promote that the recipe is dairy-free.

From December 2020 to February 2021, Blue Diamond Almonds saw a +78% increase in website traffic in the United States. 68% of all traffic is generated from mobile devices.

Blue Diamond - YoY Website Traffic

Social traffic to the site increased by +42% throughout February 2021. Out of all their social channels, Pinterest generated the largest amount of traffic (40%).

Blue Diamond - Social Traffic

The Blue Diamond Almond Breeze account currently has 7.8K followers and 10M+ monthly views. They have built strong visibility on their platform by practicing SEO and expanding the content on their profile.

Blue Diamond - Pinterest Followers and Monthly Views

From 2018 to 2021, Almond Breeze adjusted their title and description strategy to be more succinct, easy to read and strategic. They focus on expecting user intent rather than trying to overload their posts with repeat wording.

Blue Diamond - Ad title and description strategy

30% of Almond Breeze’s last ten pins have featured the Rich Recipe Pin feature that integrated with their website to pull live data from their recipes into pre-formatted titles and descriptions.

Almond Breeze - Rich Recipe Pin

Almond Breeze doesn’t limit their content to their own Pins and uses all features of Pinterest to source and curate content into their boards sharing other creators’ recipes.

Almond Breeze - Baking With Breeze.JPG

Including User-Generated Content on Boards

  1. All new pins are automatically added into a corresponding board.
  2. Pins created by Almond Breeze remain at the top so it’s the first content viewers see.
  3. Following Almond Breeze’s pins are other user generated content for recipes that fit the theme of the board.
  4. Viewers of external pins can easily find Almond Breeze’s account and continue to contribute to the views on their page and all shared pins.

Originally, Almond Breeze used graphics to display all their recipes. Starting in 2018, they began testing with recipes in Pin descriptions, finally landing on a minimal title on the recipe image and full recipe in description by 2021.

The Evolution of Almond Breeze Pinterest Posts
2014 - Sweet Potato Corn Chowder | 2015 - Make Breakfast a Breeze & Easy as Breeze | 2018 - Blueberry Avocado Banana Smooth | 2021 - Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

Since 2014, Almond Breeze has optimized their Pinterest post content to improve user experience. Previously, posts only featured recipe graphics on an image with no click-through or text options.

Almond Breeze - Pinterest Post Content Optimization

To help Pinterest users find specific and themed recipes quickly, Almond Breeze created board categories for easy filtering and accessibility.

Almond Breeze - Pinterest Board Categories

Almond Breeze’s Pinterest post strategy includes a click-through link that leads to the corresponding recipe page on their website.

Almond Breeze - Pinterest Post Strategy

Users who click the Almondmilk product on the recipe page are guided to a landing page that makes buying and learning about their Almondmilk quick and easy.

Almond Breeze Landing Page Best Practices:

Almond Breeze - Landing Page
Almond Breeze - Landing Page Best Practices
Almond Breeze - Product Options & Email Sign-up

Almond Breeze also works with influencers on Pinterest. In this example, the external link the influencer used leads to a nutritional comparison of almond milk against oat milk and 2% milk.

Almond Breeze - Nutritional Comparison of Almondmilk Against Oatmilk
Influencer Post: Morning Routine
Landing Page: The Best Almonds Make The Best Almondmilk

Influencer posts often get cross-posted which leads to higher visibility across platforms. These posts often receive positive feedback and more engagement in the comments.

Almond Breeze runs Pinterest ads that feature organic content from their page. Their audience focus is on people looking for dairy-free and plant-based recipes.

Almond Breeze - Organic Content

In January and February 2021, Blue Diamond Almonds spent $33K directing traffic to Almond Breeze and their recipes through Search ads.

Currently, Search ads are the main contributor of paid traffic promoting recipe-based content outside of the Pinterest ads. The Display URLs chosen are not always real URLs which demonstrates Blue Diamond’s interest in pushing ‘recipe’ wording throughout their ad copy.

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