How a Fintech Brand Increased Email Web Traffic by +100% During the Holiday Season

October 15, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

Revolut, a Fintech company from the UK, increased their email web traffic by +100% MoM during the holiday season in 2020. Revolut focused on the following email campaigns:

  • #RevReview: Revolut sent every user a personalized end-of-year review of their money spending habits
  • Festive Rewards: Handpicked promotions from brand partnerships were sent out to their email list
  • Holiday Themed App Updates: Revolut highlighted various app features, such as personal note options and gift scheduling to aid users during the gifting season
  • New Year Resolutions: Revolut sent out an email offering tips on how to improve your money saving habits in the new year
  • Visa Promotion: Revolut sent out a promotional offer for their Visa Card which expired at the end of the year on Dec. 31st, creating a sense of urgency for their user base. 

Amongst the competitive set of Fintech companies in the UK, Revolut has the largest email list size of 5.2M as of September 2021.

Email web traffic to peaked in December 2020, with a +100% increase compared to the previous month.

In December, the email sending volume was +36% higher compared to the average amount of emails sent (15M). During this time period, Revolut sent out 5 holiday-themed emails.

*Number of total emails that were sent in a month

Holiday Email Campaigns:


Personalized End-of-Year Wrap Up. At the end of December, Revolut sent out an end-of-year review where they summarized each user’s spending and saving habits for the year 2020. The aim of the campaign is to help users identify their spending habits to hopefully save more money in the next year. 

Brands such as Spotify have been known to create personalized year-in-reviews every year. Personalized content tends to have a much higher click-through and engagement rate because it speaks directly to the reader.

Subject Line: Your 2020 #RevReview is here 🤓 

Read Rate: 30%

2020 #RevReview has landed

Festive Rewards

Handpicked Rewards. Revolut sent out an email containing handpicked rewards just in time for the holiday season, adding a touch of personalization. The email highlights the “rewards” tab on the Revolut app which contains various offers from partner brands such as Reebok, PureGym, and Tidal. 

Subject Line: Treat yourself 🎁

Read Rate: 33%

Festive Rewards, handpicked for you

Sending Gifts in Style

Holiday Themed App Updates. Revolut aims to increase app usage by highlighting festive updates just in time for gift giving. The brand also highlights several different features (add a personal note & scheduling gifts) on the app that will be helpful for the holiday season.

Subject Line: Cash gifting just got festive ☃️

Read Rate: 17%

Santa-approved gifts

New Year, New Money Habits

New Year Resolution Features. For New Years Eve, Revolut sent out an email highlighting various features that help users with their money saving habits for the new year.

Highlighted features include:

  • Smart Analytics - get insights into your monthly spending and predictions to help you plan ahead
  • Daily or category spending limits to help users be in control of their money
  • Goals & Targets - Round up spare change and pocket away this money towards specific goals

Subject Line: Happy New Year from
Team Revolut

Read Rate: 24%

Refresh your everyday money habits in 2021 with Revolut

Revolut Visa Card

Tie-in Holiday Messaging to Promotions. Revolut took the holiday season as an opportunity to promote their Visa card which allows users to get a certain percentage back once they have used the card 5 times. The email acts as as gentle reminder for those who have not used the visa card in a while during the shopping season.

Sense of Urgency. The Revolut Visa promotion was only available until December 31st, which triggers a sense of urgency for users to take action. 

Subject Line: Get money back

Read Rate: 17%

Get more from your money this shopping season with your Revolut Visa card

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