How 100 Thieves Put Their Name in the Wallets of 705K Fans in 24 Hours

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April 1, 2022

Key Takeaways

100 Thieves Put Their Name in 705K Wallets. Here’s how:

Community Giveaway

  • Collectible Giveaway: 100 Thieves community members receive something for 2021’s LCS Title Win.
  • Limited Timeframe: Community members had 24 hours to claim their prize.
  • Web Traffic: Giveaway site garnered a 56% increase in traffic compared to their main website’s yearly average in 2021.

Easy Access

  • Crypto Wallet: Created quick and easy access to cryptocurrency wallet, reducing the transaction to less than a minute.
  • Social Media: Highly engaged Twitter following resulted in 50K engagements.
  • Total Downloads: 705K total downloads were made over 24 hours, after launch in February, before the giveaway closed.

2021 NA LCS Champions

In 2021, 100Thieves’ (100T) eSports team won the North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). Matt “Nadeshot” Haag, CEO of 100 Thieves, gifted the entire team a diamond, platinum, and sapphire encrusted chain spelling “100 Thieves” to commemorate their championship.


  • Over 50K engagements between these tweets.

In February 2022, 100T announced a free giveaway of a one-for-one replica given to fans for free, in form of a digital collectible. Available for only 24 hours.

“Digital collectible” specifically meaning a form of crypto-currency called Non-fungible-tokens, or commonly referred to as an NFT.

The NFT Microsite traffic showed a 55% increase when compared to a their main site’s yearly average in 2021, totalling 726K sessions, respectively. From 2021’s highest point, it was a 21% increase in traffic.

100T often promotes limited time merchandise releases, therefore an average was taken over an entire year, and from the highest point.

For this giveaway, 31% of the microsite’s traffic was generated from Social Channels and 60% direct. 100Thieves’ Twitter uses their team members social media presence as support for giveaways such as this. 

As a reference, Social Channels comprised 17% of web traffic through 2021, with Twitter being 66% of that traffic on their main site but generating 83% of traffic on the NFT Microsite. Therefore promoting this free giveaway through an already highly engaged channel, lead to fast distribution.

To ease the process, 100Thieves took care of the main actions any user must take when purchasing an NFT by adding links directly to the microsite.

Within the microsite, 51% of the total traffic is considered duplicated. However, this is likely users switching from mobile to desktop in order to claim their copy.  

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100T received positive reactions from multiple topical blogs totalling 189 engagements.

A key theme noted by each of these articles is the community focused and free aspect of the giveaway.

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