How Mountain Bike Brands Focus on Video Content and Generate a 12% ER on TikTok

February 28, 2022

Key Takeaways

In 2021 Mountain Biking brands focused on engaging their social media audience with more video content:

Five brands in the competitive set are actively investing in building TikTok Communities:

  • Post frequently: All five branded increased their TikTok  posting cadence on average by +296%.
  • Repost best-performing content: Specialized reposted its most-watched TikTok video a year later and it generated 12M views as compared 96M last year.
  • Leverage trending sounds: Kona actively leverages the platform’s trending sounds to get in front of the TikTok audience.
  • Keep it simple: While all brands post heart-stopping downhill rides, two of the most-watched TikTok videos on Canyon’s channel are of a coach cheering for a rider and an athlete having his morning coffee next to his bike.

Increased posting cadence on video-only platforms:

  • YouTube and TikTok: In 2021, Specialized, GT Bicycles, and Cannondale increased their posting cadence on YouTube by an average of +49% and +327% on TikTok, while either decreasing or keeping it the same on Facebook and Instagram.

Competitive set analyzed:

Out of twenty brands in the competitive set, only five actively post on their TikTok accounts.

Specialized built a following of 1.3M on its TikTok channel. As of February 2021, TikTok is the brand’s third-most-followed social media account after Facebook (2.0M) and Instagram (1.4M).

Canyon and GT Bicycles built an audience of 20K+ TikTok followers, while both Cannondale and Kona have less than a dozen followers. 

Looking into Specialized’s YoY social following increase, TikTok and YouTube saw the highest follower growths — +8.3% and +4.1% respectively.

The same two video-only platforms saw the highest increases in the number of posts published. Specialized more than doubled the number of posts on its TikTok account and published +34.6% more videos on YouTube in 2021.

Looking into engagement, the video content posted both on TikTok and YouTube generates significantly higher engagement rates (ER) compared to all other social media platforms. Throughout 2021, Specialized saw a 9.2% ER on TikTok.

To engage the TikTok audience, Specialized posts heart-stopping point-of-view (POV) videos of downhill riders. To keep up the engagement, the brand reposts the best-performing videos after one year.

Top 3 TikTok Videos by the Number of Views, all time:

Views: 91M | Likes: 8.2M | Comments: 99K | ER: 9.4%

Views: 13M | Likes: 1.6M | Comments: 5K | ER: 12.4%

Views: 12M | Likes: 296K | Comments: 3K | ER: 2.7% *date re-posted: Nov 24, 2021

In slightly more than a year, Canyon accumulated 29K followers on its TikTok channel. The brand also saw double-digit growth across all other social media channels — +54.7% on YouTube and +36.7% on Instagram.

Looking into Canyon’s posting schedule, the brand significantly increased posting cadence only on Instagram (+36.1) and TikTok (+400%).

Canyon generates 15.5% ER on TikTok, while it lingers around ~1% for all other social media platforms. 

The brand posts a fair share of POV mountain biking videos and tricks. However, two top-performing videos on its channel are snippets of a coach cheering for the rider and a biker sipping coffee near his bike.

Top 3 TikTok Videos by the Number of Views, all times:

@canyon_bicycles #passion ... The Chief Fabien Barel giving @troybrosnan a little encouragement 🤣🤘#mycanyon #mtb #worldcupdh #fyp #foryoupage #foryou ♬ original sound - Canyon Bicycles

Views: 387K | Likes: 27K | Comments: 39 | ER: 6.9%

Views: 64M | Likes: 11K | Comments: 101 | ER: 16.9%

Views: 37M | Likes: 4K | Comments: 15 | ER: 10.2% *date re-posted:Nov 24, 2021

GT Bikes grew its TikTok following to 22K (as of Feb 2022), however, it still remains the brand’s least followed social media channel.

While Instagram remains the brand's most active social media platform in terms of posting cadence, GT Bicycles posted 14.3% less often compared to the previous year. At the same time, the brand increased posting cadence on both video platforms — YouTube + 22.9% and TikTok +38.1%.

The brand generates 10% engagement rate on TikTok, and its YouTube videos perform 2X better than the platform’s average.

Like the rest of the brands in the competitive set, GT Bicycles post videos of athletes riding downhill on mountain bikes. An extreme POV footage and a failed attempt to ride the bridge cross-handed are among the brand’s top most-watched TikTok videos.

Top 3 TikTok Videos by the Number of Views, all times:

Views: 972K | Likes: 29K | Comments: 36 | ER: 3.0%

Views: 102K | Likes: 21K | Comments: 114 | ER: 20.6%

Views: 78K | Likes: 12K | Comments: 16 | ER: 15.0%

TikTok is the least followed social media platform for Cannondale. In two years, the brand accumulated 8K followers.

Looking into the posting cadence across its social media channels, Cannondale significantly increased posting on the video platforms — in 2021 the brand posted +86.2% more videos on YouTube and +800.0% on TikTok.

Brand’s videos generate a 13.3% engagement rate on TikTok and perform 1.6X better on YouTube than the platform’s average.

The brand engages the TikTok audience by posting videos of athletes performing extreme rides and stunts.

Top 2 TikTok Videos by the Number of Views, all times:

Views: 67K | Likes: 5K | Comments: 80 | ER: 7.4%

Views: 50K | Likes: 8K | Comments: 102 | ER: 17.4%

In just a year, Kona built a 5K (as of Feb 2022) audience on TikTok. The brand also significantly increased its YouTube following from Feb 2021 to Feb 2022 — +20.2% new channel subscribers. 

When it comes to the posting cadence, Kona has significantly increased its content output across all of its social media channels. The brand posted almost seven times more often (+662.7%) on Instagram and five times on Facebook (+449.2%). At the same time, Kona is the only brand in the competitive set that posted fewer videos on its YouTube channel in 2021 than the previous year.

The brand has a 14.4% engagement rate on TikTok, and its YouTube videos perform 1.6X better than the platform’s average.

Kona creates a lot of content specifically for TikTok to take advantage of trending sounds and challenges.

Top 3 TikTok Videos by the Number of Views, all times:

@konabicycles North Van Kona Crew celebrate Geoff Gulevich’s birthday with some gnarly moves! 🤘😱 #KonaBikes #MTB ♬ War Zone - Matthew Sibley / Giacomo Trivelli

Views: 40K | Likes: 2K | Comments: 10 | ER: 5.2%

@konabicycles Some call it an addiction, we call it passion. Who can relate? 🚲📦 #NewBikeDay #Again #KonaBikes #KonaKomedy ♬ Candles - Joshua Long

Views: 31K | Likes: 4K | Comments: 29 | ER: 14.5%

@konabicycles Monday Moments with Gravity Rider Carlos Langelann. 🤘 How do you like his style? 👌 #KonaBikes #KonaProcess #MTB ♬ I See Red - odox

Views: 20K | Likes: 2K | Comments: 15 | ER: 12.2%

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