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April 1, 2020
Financial Services

Key Findings

Positive Content And The Promotion Of Community Drives Results: Servus’ “Feel Good Movement” campaign, centered around giving customers a reason to feel good despite the current socio-political climate, has driven strong results - as it has contributed to a 28% increase in traffic driven by email. 

Servus Credit Union is Using Email to Drive Social Engagement As Well As Traffic to the Site: The “Feel Good Movement” email newsletter included a link that drove readers to the Facebook page to participate in a poll to gather customer feedback. In addition, after launching this campaign, email traffic to increased by +28%.

What Brands Should Be Thinking About

The Audience Is Looking For Positivity: With 2020 proving to be a challenging year for so many reasons and so much negativity online, consider creating content aimed at providing a sense of relief for your audience - something to smile about, valuable information to help ease their financial stress, or sharing stories of positive outcomes and community support.

Cross-Promotion Does Not Mean Cross-Posting: Servus Credit Union created unique content pieces for each digital channel (i.e: email, Instagram, Facebook) to tailor their messaging to each particular audience. Servus created specific content that was made for Instagram stories, Facebook polls, and for the email newsletter. 

In May, Servus launched their “Servus Feel Good Movement” campaign via their “Straight Talk” newsletter campaign. The campaign is geared towards helping clients gain control of their finances and feel good again financially and emotionally.


Since the launch of the newsletter, email traffic to has increased by +28% in June compared to May. Also, web traffic to the Feel Good Movement page has increased by +24% in the same period.

Weekly email web traffic

Posts cross-promoting  the “Feel Good Movement” campaign were some of the top performing posts in June on both FB and IG, indicating an appetite for positive, uplifting content on social media.

Facebook and Instagram
Facebook, Instagram
Facebook, Instagram

On Instagram, best practices they’ve implemented to promote this campaign include...


On Facebook, Servus has implemented a similar engagement tactic using native polls to gather customer feedback. Users are driven to these polls via the email newsletter.


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