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Case Studies 💡

Using Questions From Search To Fuel Your Content Marketing Machine

Your target audience is searching for answers, stand out by creating content to give them exactly what they want.

Pinterest Is the Secret Traffic Source That Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

While not one of the largest social platforms, Pinterest can drive significant traffic and many brands are missing out.

Leveraging Testimonials & Reviews to Build Brand Trust Across the Digital Ecosystem

Incorporating both testimonials and reviews in non-traditional ways goes a long way in building trust with consumers.

How Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ Increase User Retention & Content Consumption with Email Personalization

We all love binge-watching our favourite shows on various video streaming platforms, and it's not by accident.

Investigating Walmart’s Winning Digital Flyer Strategy

When it comes to digital flyers within the grocery industry, a more targeted approach yields better results for brands.

Deconstructing Outdoor Voice’s Shoppable Instagram Strategy

Leveraging user-generated content combined with thoughtful eCommerce tactics can lead to impressive results.

Understanding How The North Face Uses Email Segmentation to Increase Campaign Performance

How tailoring your message while leveraging targeted email segmentation leads to more efficient and effective results.

Digging into GoPro’s User Generated Content Strategy for YouTube

Harnessing the power of your brand's community is a great way to feed content-hungry social media platforms.

How REI leverages Instagram to Recreate The In-Store Experience

Retailers that invest in building seamless digital experiences to help customers make purchase decisions will win.