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Clearly understand what’s already working and not working for other brands.

See the actual measurable results of other brand's campaigns—both competitors and market leaders—to inform your own strategy.

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Q2 2021

Capitalizing on Shifting Customer Needs to Increase by +732% Yoy

Brand & Positioning Strategy
Content & Messaging
Organic Search & Seo
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“We turn to RightMetric's research to quickly get an idea of content that will resonate with our audiences and the most efficient channels to deliver it on. It's been a great source of inspiration for many teams across our marketing organization.”

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Q1 2021

Online Consumer Behavior Changes in the Automotive Industry

Organic Search & SEO
Site & eCommerce
Brand & Positioning Strategy
Content & Messaging

Be the marketer that leads with facts

Prove your case or back up your idea with insights from hundreds of brands across every relevant digital channel and objective.

“RightMetric's insights have provided our team with a better understanding of the external digital landscape enabling us to take inspiration from brands, even outside of our category, to inform our digital strategy. I truly value the unique service they provide."

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Empower your whole team to deliver more impactful marketing

No one is an expert in every area of digital. Shore up weaknesses by uncovering best-in-class channel strategies from brands that are leading their market.

Q4 2020

Paid Search Funnel Best Practices

Paid Search
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"RightMetric’s ability to provide strategic insight allows my team to focus on moving fast without hesitation, which is key in today’s business environment."

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1. Is RightMetric’s research customized to my needs?
RightMetric’s Pro Members have the ability to request custom researched case studies every month. It’s like having an on-demand marketing research team. By default, clients can request two case studies monthly with the ability to purchase more if the need arises.‍

2. I’d like to work with RightMetric but you don’t cover my industry.
We offer one-time Deep Dive reports that can be performed for any B2C industry. Please book a Discovery Call and we can assess whether RightMetric is a good fit for your project.

‍3. What support and service do you offer?
Every Pro Member has a dedicated Client Success Manager devoted to surpassing your marketing research needs via chat, email, or phone. Members of our Research team are also available to review or dig deeper into research with Pro Members as needed.‍

4. Can my whole team use RightMetric’s Insight Library?
By default, Pro Members get 15 user seats for your team, with the ability to purchase more as needed. Discount pricing is available for large teams.‍

5. Where does RightMetric’s data come from?
We're proud to base our research on some of the highest quality sources of digital marketing data in the world. For more information please see our Principle Data Providers page.‍

6. Does RightMetric need access to my data?
No. RightMetric performs research on leading brands in your industry, not your own internal data. We leave internal data up to your internal team and agency, who know it best.‍

7. What if my agency already provides us with insights?
RightMetric’s core focus is providing data-backed research that empowers marketing teams, both on the brand and agency side. Most agencies can and should provide regular insights specific to their clients, but RightMetric’s research can provide a depth and breadth of information that is incredibly useful to layer on top of existing insight practices.‍

8. What if my internal insights/analytics team already provides us with insights?
Unlike most internal analytics teams, RightMetric’s research focuses on things happening outside your organization’s four walls. In other words, our research uncovers what’s working and not working for your competitors and leaders in your industry, which can be incredibly useful to layer on top of existing insight practices. ‍

9. Can you give me competitive insights on what my competitors are doing?
Yes. Some case studies in the Insight Library may already cover your direct competitors. If not, Pro Members have the ability to request custom researched case studies every month. It’s like having an on-demand marketing research team.‍

10. I work at an agency. Can I use RightMetric?
Yes. RightMetric welcomes clients from both the agency and brand side.

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