YouTube Non-Competitive Running Content Opportunity Analysis™ Q3 2022

July 28, 2022
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Content Opportunity Methodology

  1. Measure & Categorize. Sample a large number of social posts to find ones that are significantly outperforming the average.
  2. Identify Top Themes. Identify the themes that are resonating most with the audience by sorting the themes by their aggregated performance metrics.
  3. Identify a Benchmark. Identify content themes that are performing above and under an average benchmark for the industry based on views & engagements.
  4. Identify Opportunities. Look at the data and find the content themes that are resonating with the audience based on a set of top creators.
  5. Repeat For Each Platform. Repeat the analysis for every platform that matters to your brand and audience to find platform-specific opportunities.

YouTube Content Bucket Definitions

  • Top Tips: Tips and advice for runners with a range of experience levels who are looking to increase their performance 
  • Learning from the Elites: These videos zoom in on competitive runners and coaches and give viewers a chance to get to know the person on and off the pavement
  • Group Challenge: These videos highlight  groups competing in running based challenges as teams and individuals.
  • Endurance Training: This category features ‘how to’ videos and advice for increasing strength and cardiovascular endurance
  • Injury Prevention:  Videos in this category provide information focussed on stretches, exercises, and tactics to stay injury free 
  • Speed Improvement: Similar to endurance training, this category features ‘how to’ videos for runners looking to pick up their pace 
  • Beginner Advice: These videos target runners who are new to the sport and provide information and inspiration on how to get started
  • Technique: Content in this category highlights running form. Videos are detailed and often include demonstrations and slow motion clips with annotations 
  • Marathon VLOG: A mix of first person and talking head POVs. Runners in these videos share details of their real time experience on race day and capture the energy of the event
  • Shoe Review: Athletes share opinions on their new and favorite running shoes often times detailing their composition and the specific type of running they’re used for 
  • Workout & Exercises: Videos of workouts and exercises that build strength and improve running form. Top performers include demonstrations
    and tips for improving technique
  • Nutrition: Lessons from runners on the best way to fuel your body before and after running. Some videos provide recipes and grocery lists

Top Tips is an extreme performing content opportunity, averaging 3X the views & engagement rate on YouTube. 

Top performing content opportunities in the Running space that had the highest views & engagement rate on YouTube include:

Good performing content opportunities in Non-Competitive Running Space on YouTube include:

Low performing content in the Non-Competitive Running space on YouTube include:

Extreme Performing Segment:

Top Tips - Whether they’re training for a marathon or just getting off the couch, many runners are working towards a goal. These videos provide tips and solutions to help achieve those goals.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Answer Before They Ask: High performing videos looked for content topics and questions to answer without having to receive feedback from the community.
  • List format: Top videos used lists and step by step sequences to present information

Content Opportunities:

  • Solutions focussed: Address specific challenges and provide solutions for those looking to improve their performance. Create content for a range of abilities and experience levels. 



Content Opportunities:

1. Learning from the Elites

Runner Spotlight. These videos zoom in on one runner and give viewers a chance to get to know them on and off the pavement.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Interview Style: High performing videos are Q&A style and segmented into chapters for easy navigation
  • Length: Videos are between 12 and 15 minutes and give athletes 1-2 minutes to give detailed answers to each question

Content Opportunities:

  • Increase Opportunities for engagement: Use interviews as a chance to engage your viewers on multiple platforms. Source questions from followers and share who they came from during the interview (like this video)



2. Group Challenges

Ready, Set, Go! These videos feature groups running towards a shared goal or against each other. Top performers came from The Running Channel and highlighted exciting locations along the way.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Intro: Videos spend 60-90 seconds setting context for viewers and sharing details about the group’s objective
  • BTS footage: Videos include clips of competitors and hosts during and after the challenge to capture the energy of the event and build familiarity with participants
  • Location: Videos are filmed in major cities and call out popular tourist destinations along the way

Content Opportunities: High performing videos featured more than just a race. Competitors were involved in relays, heart rate challenges and multi sport events. Keep viewers and competitors on their toes by creating  fun and creative challenges



3. Endurance Training

Going The Distance. This category features ‘how to’ videos and advice for increasing strength and cardiovascular endurance. 

Tactics to Implement:

  • Titles: Video titles include target keywords and key search terms to increase organic ranking on youtube
  • Segmented: Advice is broken down and segmented into chapters for viewers to easily navigate in between topics

Content Opportunities: High performing content in this category offered advice on what novice runners can to do increase their stamina and run lengths. Consider providing examples of training plans that include pacing and distance goals




These videos were omitted from their content buckets as ‘viral’ outliers for exceeding 3x the views and engagements of their respective benchmarks.

Endurance Training

Content: In these videos running coaches discuss how to run longer and maintain a pace. Coaches put their own advice to the test, showing viewers exactly how to follow it. 

Comments: Creators consistently respond to questions in the comment section, providing motivation and encouraging viewer engagement 



Marathon Vlog

Format: Video uses multiple angles and POVs to capture the runner’s perspective as well as the energy of the crowd and the scope of the event.
Length 18:51 


Injury Prevention

Content: Similar to the Top Tips category, these videos provide advice and information for runners of all abilities, this time focussing on stretches, exercises and tactics to stay injury free 


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