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January 1, 2021
Food & Beverage

Key Takeaways

Website Design — Update website design to remain relevant to consumers: A website lives at the core of any brand’s digital ecosystem and serves as one of the most impactful brand touchpoints. In the highly competitive market, where brands go after the same young health-conscious consumer, intangible cues, such as branding and tone-of-voice, directly impact product consideration and trial. In August 2019, Silk relaunched its website to compete with new, hip and independent non-dairy beverage brands.

Website Navigation — Simplify navigation to keep users focused: Decision fatigue can’t be ignored when designing the website’s information architecture. Silk reconsidered its approach to navigation by dramatically simplifying the menu and organizing its products into clear categories: beverage, creamers, yogurts, barista. The brand also streamlined the filtering functionality on their recipe pages. Silk removed dozens of choices and kept only two main filters: meal category and dietary restrictions. 

Website Content — Prioritize educational narrative: Silk prioritized the educational narrative by bringing up the Healthy Living section from the footer to the main navigation and adding a Sustainability page. The brand, also, fully migrated its Recipes sections to the new website and announced a Blog launch. 

Website Content — Leverage trending search terms and keywords: While Silk migrated most of the content from their old website, they made some strategic updates to boost search engine optimization. The brand renamed the Healthy Living section to Plant-Based Diet, leveraging the surging search trend. Silk also announced the launch of the Blog section, which suggests the intention to attract more organic search visits.

In August 2020 Silk relaunched its website with an updated design and changed the domain name from "" to "".

Landing Page,

The new website features Silk’s updated branding.

Website Features

Silk updated the packaging design for its oat milk line, aligning colors and typography with their current branding principles.

Updated Packaging Design

The new website has simplified navigation and groups products by broader categories —
beverages, creamers, yogurts, and barista.

Simplified Navigation

Silk also simplified the footer navigation and grouped multiple sections into one parent category (i.e. Plant-Based Diet, Why Silk).

Footer Navigation

Silk prioritized the educational narrative by bringing up the Healthy Living section from the footer to the main navigation and adding a Sustainability page.

Healthy Living section

Silk renamed the “Healthy Living” page to “Plant-Based Diet”, leveraging the increased
popularity of the term.

Google Searches

The brand migrated product descriptions from the old website and enhanced convertibility by adding “Find the product” call-to-action buttons to the new pages.

Find the Product

The “Find the product” CTA button leads to a separate page with a widget that enables users to search for retailers that carry Silk or buy products online via grocery chains as Walmart, Sobeys, IGA.

Find the Product

The updated product detail pages feature suggested recipes and recommends similar products.

Product detail Pages

The brand improved the readability of their recipe pages, re-arranged design components and changed image aspect ratios to provide a more user-friendly mobile experience.

Brand Readability

Silk drastically simplified recipe filters, leaving only meal type and dietary restrictions.

Simplified Recipe

The new website announces Silk's intention to launch a Blog and share plant-based stories.

New Website

On the new website, Silk got rid of the Sign in/Sign up functionality and removed the user portal.

Sign in/Sign up

The updated website is well-optimized for mobile browsing and enables users to conveniently check product details while shopping in stores.

Updated Website

Silk ensures that its new website is fully compliant with accessibility requirements by having a widget that enables users to modify web page appearance.

New Website

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