Twitter Japan Electronic Music Content Opportunity Analysis™ 2019-2022

October 3, 2022

Content Opportunity Methodology

  1. Measure & Categorize. Sample a large number of social posts to find ones that are significantly outperforming the average.
  2. Identify Top Themes. Identify the themes that are resonating most with the audience by sorting the themes by their aggregated performance metrics.
  3. Identify a Benchmark. Identify content themes that are performing above and under an average benchmark for the industry based on views & engagements.
  4. Identify Opportunities, Look at the data and find the content themes that are resonating with the audience based on a set of top creators.
  5. Repeat For Each Platform. Repeat the analysis for every platform that matters to your brand and audience to find platform-specific opportunities.

Twitter Content Bucket Definitions

  • THREE THE HARDWARE: Teaser videos for HIHATT's series in which artists have to produce music using only second-hand equipment purchased with the amount they roll on a dice.
  • Push Performance: Videos of an artist performing live on a launchpad.
  • Studio Sessions: Videos take viewers into artists' studios and offer insights into their processes.
  • Production Tips: Videos teach viewers different production skills and offer fresh ideas for producing songs. 
  • Mini Mix Routine: Videos of DJs performing a short mix.
  • Sample Challenge: Artists sample unique or unusual sounds to create a track. 
  • Tutorial & Lessons: Education videos teach viewers about music production equipment, software or techniques.
  • Aftermovie: Professionally shot and edited videos that recap a festival/performance accompanied by music.
  • Synth Mixes: Videos featuring artists mixing with a synthesizer.
  • Docs & Interviews: Videos presenting informative content related to the Japanese electronic music scene. 
  • Epic Visuals: These videos capture spectacular or unique light and laser shows at festivals/performances.
  • Livestream Clip: Clips from a complete routine which was streamed for for online viewers.

THREE THE HARDWARE is an extreme performing content opportunity, averaging 3X the views & engagement rate on Twitter.

*Extreme performing content opportunities were omitted from the benchmark average to prevent skewing.

Excellent performing content opportunities for the Japanese electronic music audience on Twitter include:

Substandard performing content for the Japanese electronic music audience on Twitter include:

Low performing content for the Japanese electronic music audience on Twitter include:

Extreme Performing Segment:


Tofubeats hosts the YouTube DIY music production show, THREE THE HARDWARE, where artists are challenged to make a song in one day, with second-hand equipment purchased for the amount they roll on the dice. Top tweets feature teaser clips with links to the full video.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Use Twitter to Drive Traffic: Tofubeats drives his audience to watch full episodes of the show by tweeting short teaser clips, using a strong CTA, and providing the link.
  • Tweet Format: Videos were 24 & 62 seconds long, and tweets contained 66 & 55 characters.

Content Opportunities:

  • THREE THE HARDWARE provides a unique challenge while incorporating the local music scene. Create a video series that challenges artists to get outside their comfort zone and create music with limited resources. Use Twitter to reach new audiences and drive viewership.



*Extreme performing content opportunities were omitted from the benchmark average to prevent skewing.

Content Opportunities:

1. Push Performance

AbletonJP shares a series called “My Push Performance” where artists perform segments using the Ableton Push, showcasing its various and novel approaches to creating EDM.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Regional Accounts: Ableton’s social media strategy for Japan is to run local accounts on Twitter and YouTube, with content localized to Japan. They run a global Facebook and Instagram account. Next to LINE, Twitter has the highest penetration rate of social platforms in Japan, with more than 60% of Japanese Twitter users check their feeds every 30 minutes*.
  • Mise-en-Scene: In the video to the left, Sakura Tsuruta performs in an all-white room, set against her black outfit and equipment. The contrast makes the music and her performance stand out and makes the mood of the performance clear.

Content Opportunities:

  • Create a series in which you invite various artists to show off their skills and encourage them to showcase their unique styles while using the same equipment throughout the series (ex: Ableton Push).




2. Studio Sessions

Top videos were shared by HARDCORE TANO*C featuring the production scenery of Kobaryo and by kors k showcasing his keyboard skills.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Video Length: 0:42 & 0:49 seconds
  • Share Directly: Share videos directly on Twitter over linking out. This ensures that your video gets seen by as many people as possible.
  • Post Frequency: According to a Social Bakers study, brands start seeing an increase in engagement on Twitter when they post three daily tweets.

Content Opportunities:

  • Take viewers into artists' studios and show them the creative process. Showing behind-the-scenes footage will help viewers understand the amount of work and talent involved in producing a track.



3. Production Tips

One Thing is a monthly video series by Ableton where creators share “one thing that keeps their creativity flowing”. In the top videos on Twitter, Ableton featured producers Ayako Okamura and XLII’s “One Thing” production tips.

Tactics to Implement:

  • Short & Sweet: “One Thing” videos are quick and easy-to-digest lessons that cover one production tip in a short 1-2 minute video.
  • Video Series: AbletonJP produces various video series that are geared toward producers. Each series follows a repeatable format. Video series include “One Thing”, “My Live”, “Push Performance” and “Loop”. 

Content Opportunities:

  • People want to learn from the best and take inspiration from others. In a similar vein to One Thing, feature various artists and ask them to share tips for producing or explain where they get their inspiration.




These videos were omitted from their content buckets as ‘viral’ outliers for exceeding 3x the views and engagements of their respective benchmarks.


Length: 1:00

Content: Ultra Japan’s 2019 official Aftermovie featured various clips from the performance accompanied by music.


Mini Mix Routine

Length: 0:56

Content: Red Bull 3Style Japan Finalist YB performed an impressive mixing routine shared by Pioneer DJ JPN.


Production Tips

Length: 1:41

Content: AbletonJP's "One Thing" series featured Sound media artist Junichi Oguro.


Stream Clip

Length: 0:44 & 0:52

Content: The two tweets shown above were shared by HARDCORE TANO*C and feature clips from full steams. Clips feature the DJs Camellia and Laur.



Tutorial & Lessons

Length: 3:19 

Content: Tweet includes a clip from Yeuda Ben Atar’s Ableton “Loop” tutorial on repetition. 


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