Trends in Financial Advisor Conversations on Twitter

October 28, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

The current social and digital landscape for discussion in the financial is still heavily skewed to support conversations around crypto as opposed to traditional financial practices. Regardless, there are CFA and CFP certified content creators on Twitter still engaging in conversations around financial advisor advice and topics.

  • Creator Content Breakdown: Financial advisor influencers on Twitter who are engaged in conversations about their industry are dedicating about 46% on average of their content to speaking directly to other advisors about their strategies and relevant news. 50% of advisor-based content speaks directly to dealing with clients and setting yourself apart as an advisor. The other 50% of content addresses tactics or strategies to keep in mind for clients.
  • Certified Advisor Network: There is a network of other certified financial professionals on Twitter. However, their content is not geared specifically towards advisors but touch upon the accessibility of staying up to date with trading news. This is geared to all types of investors and not just advisors.

As of October 2021, the online and social landscape was heavily saturated with crypto conversations when assessing content around the keyword “financial advisor advice”.

On average 46% of the following financial influencers’ content on Twitter is geared directly towards financial planners and advisors in Q3 2021.

@MichaelKitces | # of Twitter Followers: 62.7K | % of Content to Advisors: 71%

@Roger_whitney | # of Twitter Followers: 3.5K | % of Content to Advisors: 23%

@wealth_mgmt | # of Twitter Followers: 53.6K | % of Content to Advisors: 100%

@SteveSanduski | # of Twitter Followers: 3.1K | % of Content to Advisors: 36%

@RunnymedeCap | # of Twitter Followers: 7.6K | % of Content to Advisors: 23%

@finance_therapy | # of Twitter Followers: 2.4K | % of Content to Advisors: 20%

50% of content in Q3 2021 speaks to advisor workflow, interests or news to keep in mind when dealing with clients and training:

The other half of content in Q3 2021 addresses more tactical methods to keep in mind while working as an advisor or planner:

Many Twitter advisor influencers have their own podcasts to engage in longer and more detailed conversations directly impacting advisors. 

Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa offers unfiltered guidance and advice for financial advisors, wealth management professionals, and entrepreneurs alike who are interested in maximizing both their business and personal potential.”

“A no-holds barred conversation for Real Financial Advisors with industry nerd Michael Kitces and client communication expert Carl Richards.”

The Financial Advisor Success podcast brings you real success stories and insights from the most successful financial advisors, and leading industry consultants, about how to take your advisory business to the next level.”

There are various financial CFA/CFP influencers who often have no posts speaking directly to certified financial advisors but act as a news source for detailed and updated information.

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