Top Performing Content Buckets Q3 2021 on YouTube | Food & Beverage

July 27, 2021
Food & Beverage

The top content buckets for the Food & Beverage industry in Q3 2021 on YouTube are as follows:

1. What I Eat in a Day

An influencer and content creator theme for sharing daily recipes and food ideas through a full day of eating.

Best Practices

  • Videos are typically 10-15 minutes.
  • Feature YouTube influencers taking their viewers through their daily meals.
  • Usually centered around a theme such as “vegan meals” or “high protein meals”.


  • Creators often use the description to describe detailed recipes or product sponsors for their viewers.
  • These videos usually focus on implementing a healthy but manageable lifestyle with cooking.
  • Creators often focus on the benefits of the specific brands and products they use in their videos.

ER30: 2x

ER30: 3x

ER30: 3.7x

2. Celebrity Features

Food and beverage companies using features from high profile celebrities in advertising and video content to create their own narratives.

Best Practices

  • Videos are typically 30-90 seconds.
  • Add an element of surprise, comedy or personalization to a celebrity feature.
  • Make the presence of the celebrity visible and clear for the audience.


  • Showcase the key differentiator with your product.
  • Highlight the celebrity’s personality in comparison with your brand for viewers to relate to.
  • Follow through with something viewers can access later like Ayesha’s recipe for So Delicious.

ER30: 1.9x

ER30: 0.01x

ER30: 0.1x

3. Showing Products in Use

Food and beverage companies showing different ways to prepare and use products. These often include how to understand ingredient pairings and recipes.

Best Practices

  • Videos are typically 30 minutes.
  • Choose an ingredient and focus on how to build strong pairings.
  • Get chefs and other experts to talk about their food suggestions.


  • Think about common issues audiences may have with their cooking.
  • Keep concepts clear and easy to understand.
  • Make recipes and products accessible to follow along with at home.

ER30: 4.7x

ER30: 2.9x

ER30: 1.7x

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