TikTok UK Electronic Music Content Opportunity Analysis™ 2019-2022

September 1, 2022

Content Opportunity Methodology

  1. Measure & Categorize. Sample a large number of social posts to find ones that are significantly outperforming the average.
  2. Identify Top Themes. Identify the themes that are resonating most with the audience by sorting the themes by their aggregated performance metrics.
  3. Identify a Benchmark. Identify content themes that are performing above and under an average benchmark for the industry based on views & engagements.
  4. Identify Opportunities. Look at the data and find the content themes that are resonating with the audience based on a set of top creators.
  5. Repeat For Each Platform. Repeat the analysis for every platform that matters to your brand and audience to find platform-specific opportunities.

TikTok Content Bucket Definitions

  • The Making of Moments: Behind-the-scenes clips from the moments when a song comes together.
  • Mobile DJing: Clips from a DJ who travels around the public with their controller while performing a live set. 
  • Funny DJ Moments: Humorous or entertaining BTS moments or pranks featuring the world’s most famous DJs. 
  • Audience Videos: Lo-fi videos captured by fans in the audience at festival or a live set performance. 
  • Special Performance Moment: Clips from memorable or surreal moments during an electronic festival or performance. 
  • Electronic Humour: Videos & memes meant to be entertaining, humorous or relatable to the electronic community.  
  • Song Suggestions: Creators suggest different electronic songs by subgenre or situations such as driving/working/partying. 
  • Insane Visuals: These videos capture spectacular or unique light and laser shows at festivals/performances.
  • Rave Throwback: Throwback videos showcasing how different generations raved. 
  • Raving Shenanigans: Crazy, funny or entertaining clips of ravers at home, at festivals or in public. 
  • Throwback Mix: Videos featuring a DJ mixing throwback banger tracks.
  • Live Performance Clips: Professional filmed and edited clips from a live festival or performance. 
  • Dance Video: Upbeat videos of people dancing to different subgenres of electronic music. 
  • Track Breakdown: Artists dissect how they made a certain track.
  • Set in a Unique Location: High production videos of artists playing sets in outrageously stunning or unique locations.
  • Track Drop: Videos of artists dropping a new track at a festival or live performance.
  • Toolroom BTS: Behind-the-scene footage of artists in the studio at Toolroom.  

Making of Moments, Mobile DJing, and Funny DJ Moments were extreme performing content opportunities, averaging 3X the views & engagement rate on TikTok.

Excellent performing content opportunities for the UK Electronic Music Audience on Instagram include:

Good performing content opportunities for the UK Electronic Music Audience on TikTok include:

Substandard performing content for the UK Electronic Music Audience on TikTok include:

Low performing content for the UK Electronic Music Audience on TikTok include:

Extreme Performing Segment:

The Making of Moments

On the left, you can see a clip from Avicii's studio session with Aloe Blacc while they recorded vocals for the track Wake Me Up. On the right, Coldplay and Avicii are shown working together on A Sky Full Of Stars, which they co-wrote and co-produced.

Tactics to Implement:

  • BTS: Clips offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of the moments that led to the making of iconic tracks such as Wake Me Up and  A Sky Full Of Stars. 
  • Avicii: Since his passing in 2018, Avicii's music and legacy continues to be popular within the EDM community. The hashtag #Avicii on TikTok has 1.3B views, spiking in August 2022.
  • Video Lengths: 17 & 21 seconds. 

Content Opportunities:  When working with artists on new tracks, record their process in the studio and use snippets of this footage as content to showcase some of these special moments in the creation process. 



Mobile DJing

SUAT is a UK-based “Mobile DJ” who performs in public places and on the move. His content usually involves him travelling around by foot while playing sets and interacting with the public. Top TikTok videos included a battle between him and mall cops and a compilation of clips from his travels in a mall. 

Tactics to Implement:

  • Engage the Public: SUAT’s videos have the same style as popular prank channels on YouTube—he engages with strangers in the public and records their genuine reactions.
  • Video Lengths: SUAT’s top 10 videos on TikTok were all between 21-32 seconds long. When looking at the data set as a whole, videos which were 25-30 seconds long average the most views and engagements, followed by those 20-25 seconds long. 

Content Opportunities: SAUT’s content is a mix of pranks, stunts and electronic music. Create content that brings electronic music to the public or in unusual settings and captures the public's reactions.

@suatism Apparently insurance doesn’t cover Security Damage #policechase #securitybreach #mallcop ♬ original sound - SUAT


@suatism Officer do you like deep house? #police #security #mall ♬ original sound - SUAT


Funny DJ Moments

Funny or entertaining BTS clips or pranks which featured some of the world's biggest DJs. Top videos included Afrojack’s grandmother during his Tomorrowland set, a girl trying to steal Tiësto’s sunglasses, a DJ hiding in the crowd during the opening of his set, and Tiësto pretending to be Marshmello. 

Tactics to Implement:

  • High BPM: Videos with sounds that play at 120 BPM or more have the highest view-through rate on TikTok.
  • Hashtags: Of the data set, videos with 3 hashtags generated the most views and engagements on average with 3M, followed by those with 1 hashtag, which generated 1.4M and those with 4 hashtags, which generated 1.2M. 

Content Opportunities: Give your audience exclusive content from behind-the-scenes fun with their favourite artists: backstage at meet-and-greets, pranks during performances or goofy moments when they're off the stage.

@raveology Find some of the biggest Tomorrowland hits in the playlist in my bio 🧡 #edmvibes #edmtiktok #euphoricedm ♬ origineel geluid - RAVEOLOGY



Content Opportunities:

1. Audience Videos

Videos filmed on a smartphone capturing the performance from the point of view of an audience member. Top videos featured a clip from Artbat’s set at the Pyramids of Giza and Solomun performing at an after-party in Ibiza. 

Tactics to Implement:

  • Rate this Track: The HouseHub's videos often ask viewers to rate a track out of 10 in the video's caption or on-screen text. This encourages viewers to comment, which helps increase the video's reach.
  • Cover Image Text: The HouseHub uses cover images with intriguing text to drive video clicks, such as this and this
  • Lo-Fi: On TikTok, videos with simple production value—such as those shot on a smartphone by someone in the audience—can often be more popular than professionally edited footage.

Content Opportunities: Use UGC captured at live performances or festivals to create content on TikTok. Select footage that features something unique such as an epic drop, beautiful scenery or an unreleased track.



1. Viral Videos:

These videos were omitted from their content buckets as ‘viral’ outliers for exceeding 3x the views and engagements of their respective benchmarks.

Mobile DJing Clips

Length: 0:26

Content: In the video to the left, Mobile DJ, SAUT “outsmarts” the security at Beckingham Palace with a loophole in the law. On the right, SAUT battles security to try to let him in the parade.

@suatism Pt 2: outsmarting police in front of her majesty #police #fyp #royalfamily ♬ original sound - SUAT



Track Drop

Length: 0:12 & 0:08

Content: Footage from the first time Martin Garrix played Animals and Avicii played Levels at a live performance. 

@raveology This was before the song that changed his life was released #edmtok #ravetok #edmtiktok #martingarrix ♬ origineel geluid - RAVEOLOGY


@raveology If you like his music as much as I do, check out the playlists in my bio #edmtiktok #edmvibes #electronicmusic #avicii ♬ origineel geluid - RAVEOLOGY


Raving Shenanigans

Length: 0:08

Content: Footage from a flight headed to Tomorrowland, where flyers raved on the plane.

@raveology I’ve collected the best Tomorrowland hits in the playlist in my bio 🥳 #edmtiktok #edmtok #tomorrowland #euphoricedm ♬ origineel geluid - RAVEOLOGY


2. Viral Videos:

These videos were omitted from their content buckets as ‘viral’ outliers for exceeding 3x the views and engagements of their respective benchmarks.

Electronic Music Humour

Length: 0:09 & 0:15

Content: The video on the left, is from a silent disco where viewer just hears the scuffing of people’s shoes as they dance. On the right, the video features a clip from a Boiler Room performance when someone in the audience touches the DJs controller and pauses the music. 


Good to see clubs opening up again 🤣 ID anyone??

♬ original sound - UKF



Rave Throwback

Length: 0:16

Content: This viral video featured footage from British raves in the 90s. 

@ministryofsound Dance music is a British institution 🇬🇧 @Ravestation_ #DanceMusic #ElectronicMusic #HouseMusic #Dance ♬ original sound - Ministry of Sound


Set in a Unique Location

Length: 0:28

Content: Footage from Peggy Gou’s set on a boat in Croatia. 


Track Breakdown

Length: 0:28

Content: In the studio with Rezident where he breaks down his remix of Ben Bohmer’s track ‘Erase’.


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