How TD "Doubled Traffic" to its Mortgage Assessment Tool Page

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September 29, 2021
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Key Takeaways

TD Bank has a variety of tools helping Canadians to assess their house financing options. The bank has a separate subdomain that hosts seven different calculators. The pandemic-provoked market downturn came along with low-interest rates, which inspired Canadians to consider buying a home. TD bank benefited from this new customer interest and leveraged this opportunity to drive additional traffic to its website by promoting various tools that help to assess house financing options.

  • Content Strategy — Invest in Value-Adding Tools: Self-served and easy-to-use tools that deliver practical value to the customers are a great addition to the brand’s content strategy. Such instruments help satisfy users’ specific needs and consequently create positive brand perceptions. 
  • Budget Allocation — Support Organic Discovery with Paid Ads: Despite a high interest in the mortgage calculators and financing assessment tools, TD still allocated some budget to drive additional traffic to its these tools. Since January 2020, the bank invested $263K in paid search, which in result brought 267K visitors to

Due to the high relevance of these instruments and TD’s additional support, traffic to doubled in May 2020 and has remained relatively high since, with 439K average monthly visits.   

Google searches for “Mortgage” saw a steep spike in March 2020 and remained relatively high (+17%) since the start of the pandemic. Along with evaluating their mortgage opportunities, Canadians searched for various tools helping them to understand their financing options. Consequently, Google searches for “Mortgage Calculator” increased 8% compared to the pre-pandemic times.

TD offers a range of tools helping Canadians to facilitate their mortgage decision.

TD’s website features a landing page listing all tools facilitating mortgage decisions. However, all calculators live on a subdomain.

More than half (53%) of traffic to comes from organic search, followed by referral traffic from

Since January 2020, 2M visitors landed on from the organic search channel. 

Having handy and easy-to-use tools that help customers assess their housing buying options enables TD to run search ads and capture relevant traffic. Since January 2020, 267K visitors came to TD's website following TD's search ads.

Between January 2020 and September 2021, TD invested $263K into search ads driving traffic to the subdomain. 

Since the beginning of 2020, TD only invested $6K in display ads to drive traffic to their mortgage tools. TD allocated 48% of that sum to drive traffic to the Mortgage Payment Calculator, 41% to Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Mortgage Payment Calculator | Mortgage Affordability Calculator | Protection Plan

TD aimed to appeal to a prospective target audience with emotional images. However, given insignificant advertising spend, display ads brought only about 30K visits since January 2020, which is less than 1% of total traffic to

As the result of the market's elevated interest in home buying and TD’s additional investment in promoting its financial assessment tools, the visits to have almost doubled (+75%) in May 2020 and remained at an average of 439K monthly visits ever since.

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