How Sting Influencers Generated 300K Engagements Between April and July 2022

September 1, 2022
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Key Takeaways

Between May and July 2022, Sting’s ambassadors generated 300K engagements on Instagram, here’s how:    


  • Sting Energy is focusing its influencer marketing efforts on Instagram, where it has 38K followers (as of August 2022). 
  • On average, Sting is tagged in 1 influencer post per month on Instagram, and each post on average generates 19K engagements. 
  • Between May and July 2022 there was only one influencer-created post on TikTok that generated 26K engagements.

Influencer Tiers

  • 42% of Sting’s influencers have more than 1M followers.
  • 33% of influencers have between 50K and 500K followers.

Influencer Types

  • Between May and July 2022, the brand worked with 12 influencers.
  • 50% of Sting’s ambassadors are musicians and 25% are athletes.
  • Actors generate the most engagements (171K) for the brand. 
  • Sting Egypt leveraged influencers to start a dance flashmob with a unique brand sound.
  • Sting Philippines asks its influencers to snap photos in their dressing rooms as they are sipping the drink (example 1, 2).

Sting is an energy drink produced by Rockstar that comes in five flavors. The brand was initially introduced in Vietnam in 2002. The brand runs separate social accounts for its Indian, Egyptian, and Philippine audiences. All three accounts were analyzed for this case study. The brand has the most followers on Facebook, however, the most influencer/celebrity partnerships were identified on Instagram.

Sting Energy has various accounts for three countries on Facebook (Egypt, India, Philippines) and Instagram (Egypt, India, Philippines). When it comes to TikTok, only only accounts for Egypt and the Philippines have been created. The brand has the most followers on Facebook (200K), followed by TikTok (83K) and then Instagram (38K). 

Sting Energy is the most active on Instagram, where the brand posts on average one time per week and has a 23% engagement rate. The brand posts less than one per week on Facebook and TikTok. The latter generates the highest engagement rates for the brand (41%). 

There are about 3K total mentions of Sting Energy on Instagram, and less than a thousand on TikTok and Facebook. The number of social media posts include both posts published by influencers and non-influencers.

Date Range: All time, up to July 2022.
Number of posts are an estimation based on posts with the #stingenergy and #stingenergydrink hashtags

Sting Energy receives about 1 influencer mention on Instagram per month, which generates ~19K engagements. Only one influencer post has been identified on TikTok between May – July 2022, which generated 26K engagements. 

82% of Instagram posts are influencer posts. All three accounts (Egypt, India, and the Philippines) predominantly feature celebrities and influencers in their posts. The influencer posts featured on Sting’s account are occasionally cross-posted on the influencer’s account as well. 

An example of an influencer post featuring an influencer Alden Richards

Between May and July 2022, Sting Energy collaborated with 12 influencers, who mainly promoted the brand on Instagram. 

42% of them have more than 1M followers, which classifies them as Mega influencers.

Sting Energy works with influencers from the Philippines (2), Egypt (5), India (4), and Uganda (1). Half of them are musicians. 

Between May – July 2022 Sting worked with 5 Mega (1M+ followers) and 4 Mid-Tier (50-500K) influencers. 

Looking at an average number of engagements, Mega influencers’ posts generated the highest number of likes and comments (25K), followed by Macro-Influencers (12K).

Posts by Mid-Tier influencers generated the highest engagement rate at 3.8%, followed by Micro-influencers (2.3%). Sting Influencers’ avg. engagement rates are lower than the Instagram industry average for the same influencer tier.

*Industry average to the specific influencer tier (Source)

The Filipino actress Andrea Brillantes has 13.5M followers on Instagram, which is the highest number amongst Sting’s influencers.

Mostafa 3enba, Parul Singh, and Abo El Anwar are the only influencers who created more than one promo post for Sting Energy between May – July 2022. 

3enaabb, Parul Singh, and Abo El Anwar are the only three influencers who created more than one promo post for Sting Energy between May – July 2022. One post by Andrea Brillantes generated more engagements than all other influencer posts combined.

Half of Sting’s influencers are Musicians, 25% are Athletes and the rest are Lifestyle Content Creators (18%) and Actors (12%).

Actors generated the highest volume of engagements at 171K, followed by Lifestyle Content Creators (67K) and Musicians (52K). 

Two out of the top three posts were short videos created with Sting Egypt’s original audio. The brand aimed to start a flashmob where influencers would inspire their followers to recreate a simple dance. 

Top Influencer Posts:

Engagements: 153K | ER: 1.1%

Engagements: 42K | ER: 1.6%

Engagements: 23K | ER: 2.3%

Sting influencers in Egypt recorded “brand” dances, while celebrities from the Philippines posted pictures as they sip the energy drink while getting ready in their dressing rooms. 

Sting’s ad spend data is currently unavailable as of Aug 22nd, 2022. 

Data collected manually directly from Instagram: Data Range: May 1 – July 30, 2022

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