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April 1, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

Social Media — LinkedIn: RobustWealth directs efforts into building a social community on LinkedIn. The company doesn’t invest any resources into any other less business-oriented social platforms. RobustWealth has accumulated 2.8K LinkedIn followers and frequently shares the links to its blog posts and third-party articles featuring its founder. The company also posts about the benefits of using its robo solution and shares product updates. 

Organic Content — Blog:  RobustWealth maintains a blog area on their website where the company also shares the latest news releases and team updates. While RobustWealth adds about one new post per month, this channel hasn’t been driving any significant amount of inbound traffic just yet. There was, however, one blog post, “Why Automatic Rebalancing Matters”, that tapped into the audience’s trending interest that drove 12% of total search traffic.

Paid Ads Tactic — Search Ads: RobustWealth runs search ads that aim to capture traffic looking for best robo advisor platforms as well as people searching for specific competitor offerings (i.e. betterment, wealthfront, etrade, etc). RobustWealth experiments with various search ads text. Since the beginning of 2021, the company ran 96 variants of search text ads, which all directed traffic to the homepage

Paid Ads Tactic — Display Ads: After an insignificant amount of advertising dollars invested in the display advertising in March 2020, RobustWealth reconsidered this channel in October 2020. The company has been consistently running display ads since late 2020 backed up by a modest 2K investment. RobustWealth text-heavy display ads addressed the issues financial advisors deal with and suggested how the platform could help solve them. At the same time, the company ran another set of ads that aimed to preempt potential objections FAs might have when it comes to switching to a completely new system.

RobustWealth, a digital platform that provides financial advisors with the tools to effectively manage their clients and business, released a new platform version in July of 2020 and announced further enhancements in February 2021.


A new platform release didn’t have an immediate impact on the website traffic, which had just stabilized after a -141% YoY decline in 2020.

RobustWealth - Website Traffic
Directional data, desktop traffic only

Total traffic decrease was driven by a -246% decline in direct visits.

RobustWealth - Website Traffic Channels
Directional data, desktop traffic only

RobustWealth accumulated a 2.8K community on LinkedIn, which makes up 68% of its total social audience.

RobustWealth - Social Followers Size

On LinkedIn, RobustWealth frequently shares its new blog posts or publications featuring its CEO to build credibility and establish thought leadership in the robo advisory for FAs domain.

RobustWealth - Blog Posts
"3 Ways Wealthtech Is Adding Value for Advisors and Their Clients"
The 5 Essentials for Smart Investing: “You shouldn’t fix your car yourself; you also shouldn’t pick your stocks yourself” With Mike Kerins and Jason Hartman

The company updates its LinkedIn community about new product features and invites them to book a product demo.

RobustWealth - Organic Content - Product Promo
RobusWealth | Request a Demo | RobustWealth Enhances Online Financial Planning Experience

RobustWealth attempts to increase community engagement with celebratory posts.

RobustWealth - Organic Content - Celebrations
Luck is here to Stay "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" | Happy President's Day

The company maintains a blog area on its website, which both helps to deliver on its thought leadership agenda and unlock opportunities for increasing inbound organic search traffic.

RobustWealth - Blog Posts - Objectives and Execution

The “Why Automatic Rebalancing Matters” blog post tapped into a relevant topic for FAs and drove ~12% of total organic search traffic.

RobustWealth - Why Automatic Rebalancing Matters

Otherwise, brand name searches drive the majority of the organic search traffic.

RobustWealth - Brand Name Searches
Click to view Built for the Advisor of Tomorrow

Since the beginning of 2021, the share of paid search traffic has been growing month on month, reaching 33% of total traffic in March 2021.

RobustWealth - Share of Paid Search Traffic

RobustWealth tests different text ad variants and aims to capture traffic which is searching for competitors or those who are just starting their exploration of robo advisory offerings.

RobustWeath targets those who:

RobustWealth - Text Ad Variants

Since October 2020, RobustWealth invested $2K to run display ads, which drove less than 1K of website visits.

RobustWealth - Total Display Ad Spend
Spend is a directional approximation and does not include retargeting, or behavioural targeting.

Display ads call out the issues financial advisors tend to deal with and explain how RobustWealth’s platform can solve them.

RobustWealth - Display Ads Call Out Financial Advisors Pain Points

In a different set of display ads, the company tries to preempt potential objectives FAs might have when it comes to installing and getting used to a new system.

RobustWealth - Display Ads Tries to preempt potential objectives

Other ads in the mix have a direct “Request a Demo” call to action.

RobustWealth - Display Ads Call To Action

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