How Power Play Influencers Generated 33.7K Instagram Engagements Between May and July 2022

September 1, 2022
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Key Takeaways

Between May and July 2022, Power Play’s ambassadors generated 33.7K engagements on Instagram, here’s how:    


  • Power Play is currently posting on average 2 posts per month on both Facebook and Instagram, where they have 29.8K and 12.4K followers, respectively (as of August 2022). 
  • On average, Power Play is tagged in 8 influencer posts per month, and each post on average generates ~1.9K engagements. 
  • Power Play’s engagement rates are higher on Facebook (1.9%) than Instagram (1.1%), however, the all time number of influencer mentions are significantly higher on Instagram (1045) than Facebook (56).

Influencer Tier

  • 64% of Power Play’s influencers have between 1K and 10K followers.
  • 29% of influencers have between 50K and 500K followers.
  • 7% of influencers have between 10K and 50K followers.

Influencer Types

  • The brand has worked with 14 influencers from mainly South Africa between May - July 2022.
  • 36% of Power Play’s ambassadors are dancers, 14% are musicians, 14% are lifestyle creators, 14% are fashion influencers, and 14% are fashion influencers. An artist (7%), TV host (7%), and real estate investor (7%) make up the remaining 21%.
  • The dancer influencers and the single TV host generated the highest number of engagements, coming to a total of 26.5K engagements for both influencer tiers. 

Power Play is a South African energy drink that has “consistently focused (in the last few years) on embedding itself in the consumers' mindsets by being an innovative and creative brand within urban youth culture.” (Source)

Power Play works with influencers who create less than 1 sponsored Instagram post every month. The brand primarily collaborates with dancers, musicians, lifestyle influencers, fashion influencers, and "others" (an artist, TV host, and a real estate investor).

Power Play has the highest number of followers on Facebook (29.8K), followed by Twitter (18.2K) and Instagram (12.4K). 

Power Play does not have a TikTok or YouTube account. 

Looking at the posting cadence and engagement rate over the last 90 days, Power Play focused their social media efforts on Facebook and Instagram. The highest engagement rates were from Facebook.

As of August 2022, there are a total of 1045 total mentions of Power Play on Instagram and less than 150 mentions on every other platform.

The number of social media posts include both posts published by influencers and non-influencers.

Date Range: All time, up to August 2022.
*Number of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts are an estimation based on the average number of video views with the hashtag #playenergydrink

From May - July 2022, Power Play received ~8 influencer posts per month with ~1.9K average engagements per post. 

On average, 67% of Power Play’s posts on Instagram are influencer posts. The majority of them focus on either showcasing collaborations with artists or having the influencer pose with the product. The influencer posts featured on Power Play’s account are cross posted on the influencer’s account as well. 

Data collected manually directly from Instagram: Data Range: May – July 2022

Between May and July 2022, Power Play has collaborated with 14 influencers, who mainly promote the brand on Instagram. 

TV host, Pombili Shilongo, is the most-followed influencer in Power Play’s roster, who has a 254K fan community on Instagram. 

Power Play’s main Instagram page (@playenergydrink) works with Instagram bloggers from mainly South Africa.

Power Play collaborates with Instagrammers who are dancers, musicians, lifestyle influencers, fashion influencers, and "others" (an artist, TV host, and a real estate investor).

Power Play does not have any macro influencers on their roster. Their influencers mainly fall into the Nano category (64%) meaning that most of the influencers have under 10K followers. 

Pombili Shilongo, the only influencer in the Mid-tier category, generated 3.5K engagements, the highest average with 4 posts about Power Play. Despite Micro influencers having a larger following, Nano influencers generated the second highest number of average engagements. 

Nano influencer’s (31%) engagement rate is almost 8x higher than the industry average and has significantly higher engagement rates than other influencer tiers. Micro influencers’ ER is double the industry average. The nano influencers’ high ER is due to the engagement from influencers, u'TaK (9.5K followers) and Bhathistar (5.7K followers).

Pombili Shilongo, a Namibian radio and TV host, has 254K followers, which is the highest number amongst Power Play’s influencers.

TV Host, Pombili Shilongo, and lifestyle influencer, Zwivhuya Carol, are the most active influencers when it comes to the number of posts they create for Power Play. On average, most of Power Play’s collaborators post less than once per month (1 post in 90 days).

Pombili Shilongo generated the highest number of engagements at 14K with 4 posts in the last 90 days due to her large number of followers and high number of average engagements per post. u'TaK generated the second highest number of engagements at 7.4K with 1 post in the last 90 days. u’TaK’s post featured them wearing Power Play’s brand colour (orange) while dancing to a popular TikTok dance challenge and contained #powerplayenergy in the caption.  

*Engagement Rate data not available Bulo Music.

The majority of Power Play’s influencers are dancers (36%). Musicians (14%), lifestyle influencers (14%), and fashion industry influencers (14%) make up 42% of Power Play’s influencers. An artist (7%), TV host (7%), and real estate investor (7%) make up the remaining influencers in their roster. 

In total, TV host, Pombili Shilongo, generated the highest total number of engagements at 14K. Dancers generated the second highest number of engagements, coming in at 12.5K. Real estate influencers generated the lowest number of engagements because there was only one nano influencer in the category, with the account having low engagement rates.

Three out of the top four posts were created by Pombili Shilongo and showcased her either holding the energy drink or posing close to the drink. In her captions she used always used #powerplayenergydrink. 

Top Influencer Posts:

Engagements: 5.8K | ER: 2.3%

Engagements: 4.3K | ER: 1.7%

Engagements: 2.4K | ER: 0.9%

Engagements: 1.6K | ER: 0.6%

These other influencers also posted about Power Play by holding the energy drink and tagging @playenergydrink or #playenergydrink.

Influencer Post Examples:

Dance influencers posted about Power Play by shooting a video while dancing and wearing a garment with the brand’s color (orange) and dancing with the energy drink in the shot. The influencers would either tag @playenergydrink in the video or #playenergydrink in the caption. 

Influencer Post Examples:

TikTok Dancer

All-Styles Choreographer & Dancer

All-Styles Choreographer & Dancer

Power Play created a gifted campaign for influencers and had them post a video about it on their account and tagging @playenergydrink.

Influencer Post Examples:

Power Play’s ad spend data is currently unavailable as of Aug 11th, 2022. 

Source: Data collected manually directly from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Date range: August 2022 
Source: Data collected manually directly from Instagram: Data Range: May - July 2022

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