How Nocco Influencers Generated 628K Monthly Instagram Engagements Between April and June 2022

August 3, 2022
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Key Takeaways

Between April and June 2022, Nocco’s ambassadors generated 2.6M engagements (682K on Instagram and 2M on TikTok), here’s how:


  • Nocco is currently focusing their influencer marketing efforts on Instagram. However, Nocco’s significantly high TikTok average engagements suggest they should shift their influencer marketing efforts to TikTok.
  • Instagram: on average, Nocco is tagged in 204 influencer posts per month, and each post on average generates ~1,113 engagements.
  • TikTok: on average, Nocco is tagged in 12 influencer posts per month, and each post on average generates ~10.1K engagements.
  • On average TikTok generates 9x more engagements than on Instagram.

Influencer Tier

  • 40% of Nocco influencers have between 1K and 10K followers.
  • 39% of influencers have between 50K and 500K followers.
  • 20% of influencers have between 10K and 50K followers.
  • 1% of influencers have more than 500K followers.

Influencer Types

  • The brand has worked with 217 influencers from Sweden between April and June 2022.
  • 43% of Nocco’’s ambassadors are fitness professionals (crossfit professionals or professional body builders), 18% are sport athletes (soccer players or snowboarders), 14% are fitness personal trainers or sport coaches, 14% are fitness content creators, 7% are lifestyle content creators, and 2% are musicians.
  • Musicians generated the third highest volume of engagement despite making up only 2% of Nocco’s influencer partnerships 

NOCCO is Sweden's best-selling BCAA drink. The brand says “NOCCO is a tasty functional beverage developed by the Swedish health- and exercise oriented enterprise No Carbs Company. No Carbs Company launched its first products in December 2014 and is today available in more than 30 markets.” (Source). The company heavily relies on influencers (brand ambassadors) to build brand awareness on social media. Originally,Nocco focused its efforts on Instagram and recently tapped into TikTok. Nocco is actively building out its ambassador network, with a heavy focus on Instagram.

Nocco has the highest number of followers on Instagram (315K), followed by TikTok (91.5K). 

*Source: Data collected manually directly from Facebook, Instagram and TikTok; Date range: July 2022 

Looking at the posting cadence and engagement rate over the last 90 days, Nocco focused the most on Instagram.

*Source: Data collected manually directly from Facebook, Instagram and TikTok; Date range: July 2022

There are about 544K total mentions of Nocco on Instagram, 10K total mentions on Facebook, 11K total mentions on TikTok, and less than a thousand on every other platform. The number of social media posts include both posts published by influencers and non-influencers.

Date Range: All time, up to July 2022. *Number of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Twitch  posts are an estimation based on the average number of video views with the hashtag #nocco

Nocco mainly focuses on getting influencer posts from Instagram, receiving ~204 posts per month with ~1113 engagements per post. Despite only receiving ~12 influencer posts on TikTok per month, Nocco’s average engagement rates per influencer post on TikTok generates ~10.1K of engagements (over 9x the average on Instagram).

Two influencers were omitted from the TikTok data analysis due to being outliers

On average, 25% of Nocco’s posts on Instagram are influencer posts. The majority of them focus on either promoting new product flavors or posting product shots — close up photos or placing the product in a fitness setting. The influencer posts featured on Nocco’s account are cross posted on the influencer’s account as well.

Data collected manually directly from Instagram: Data Range: April – June 2022

Nocco relies on its network of trusted influencers to drive brand awareness on Instagram. The brand mainly collaborates with Mid-Tier and Nano Instagrammers who are fitness professionals, athletes, coaches, fitness creators, lifestyle creators, and musicians. Nocco’s main instagram page (@nocco) works with Instagram bloggers from Sweden.

Nocco’s influencers fall into the Nano category (40%) and the Mid-Tier category (39%), meaning that most of their influencers have either between 1K to 10K followers or 50K to 500K followers.

Looking at an average number of engagements, macro influencers’ posts generate the highest number of likes and comments, followed by mid-tier influencers.

The engagement rate is around 5.7% for micro-influencers and 5.1% for mid-tier influencers. Nocco influencers’ ER is notability higher than the Instagram average for mid-tier and micro influencers.

*Industry average to the specific influencer tier (Source)

Denice Moberg, a fitness and lifestyle influencer, has 1M followers, which is the highest number amongst Nocco influencers.

Powerlifting athletes, David Lönnkvist and Hissy, and crossfit athlete, Mikaela Norman are the most active influencers when it comes to the number of posts they create for Nocco. On average, Nocco collaborators post around once per month (3 posts in 90 days).

Mikaela Norman generated the highest number of engagements at 133K with 38 posts in the last 90 days. Ellas Näll generated the second highest number of engagements at 34.5K with 14 posts in the last 90 days.

43% of Nocco’s influencers are fitness professionals, followed by sport athletes (18%), personal fitness trainers/coaches (14%) and fitness creators (14%), lifestyle influencers (7%), and musicians (2%).

In total, fitness professionals, sport athletes, and musicians generated almost 600K engagements for Nocco between April – June 2022. Musicians generated the third highest volume of engagement despite making up only 2% of Nocco’s influencer partnerships.

These posts by Ella Wunger (fitness professional) and Samuel Stronegger (fitness creator) collected the highest number of engagements. These sponsored posts recapped big events; such as the games athletes trained for and Nocco’s getaway events for their collaborators.

Top Influencer Posts:

Engagements: 27.5K | ER: 27.3%

Engagements: 21.9K | ER: 10.7%

Majority of influencers focus on promoting a new flavor in the captions and always have an energy drink can visible in the photo..

Influencers incorporated the Nocco energy drink into their usual fitness routine or sports related content in addition to tagging Nocco in the video.

Nocco’s ad spend data is currently unavailable as of July 29th, 2022. 

Source: Data collected manually directly from Facebook, Instagram and TikTok; Date range: April - June 2022

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