How Montreality Generates 2.4% Engagement Rate with Its 264K Instagram Community

June 17, 2022
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Key Takeaways

Montreailty has a 2.4% engagement rate, which is significantly higher than the competitive set's average (0.8%), here is how they engage their Instagram followers:

Understand their Audience: Montreality has a very young audience — 50% of their followers are younger than 24 years old. 75% of them are male, who live in metropolitan areas. The highest concentration of Montreality followers lives in Montreal — 11%. The audience is very interested in music, specifically in rap and hip-hop and listed to Drake and Rihanna. At the same time, they follow edgy fashion brands, such as Off White, A Bathing Ape, and Supreme, and read media that covers modern culture (Complex Canada). 

Frequent Posting Cadence: Montreality posts quite frequently on its Instagram account. On average, they publish 4 new posts every day, which totals to over a hundred posts a month.

Relevant Content: Montreality content covers primarily topics related to rap culture. However, the account doesn’t limit itself to posting exclusively about the music. Montreality creates carousels that feature rappers' outfits and posts modern art that celebrates individual rappers or hip-hop culture. The account publishes a lot of throwbacks, some related to rappers past usually perform well, while others that showcase old technology tend to resonate less with Montreality’s audience. 

Looking into the brands favored by Gen Z, sportswear brands, such as Nike and Adidas lead in the number of followers. There are also many gaming companies (Nintendo, PlaystationCa), tech companies (Discord, Spotify), and local media (blogTo, Montreality).

Looking into the engagement rate for these Instagram accounts, Monreality generates the highest activity amongst its followers (ER: 2.4%), followed by Discord (2.1%).

Montreality is a Montreal-based media company that conducts interviews with rappers. 

The channel is famous for asking relieving and unexpected questions. While YouTube is the main outlet for Montreality’s full-length interviews, they publish short snippets on its Instagram account. 

Montreality's Instagram account is popular amongst the young audience (50% are younger than 24 y.o) and generates high levels of engagement. An average post gets 6.3K likes and 85 comments, which result in a 2.4% average engagement rate for the channel.

Looking into Montreality’s audience, 50% of their followers are younger than 24 years old and 75% are male.

When it comes to ethnicity, 53% of Montreality’s followers are African American, followed by an almost equal share of Caucasian (23%) and Hispanic (22%). 70% of them are single, 25% married, and 5% have children. 

Even though Montreality is from Montreal, Canada, 65% of the channel’s followers live in the USA and 16% in Canada. However, looking into the cities, the highest concentration of all Montreality’s followers are based in Montreal (11%). 

Montreality's followers are very interested in music, especially rap & hip hop, R&B, and pop. When it comes to the musicians they admire the most, 48% are fans of Drake and 38% of Rihanna. 

Both Drake and Rihanna are the top influencers for Montreality’s audience. They also follow Complex, the media outlet that writes about popular culture and music, and World Star Hip Hop, another themed media that writes about “everything entertainment and hip hop.”

54% interact with Genius, a website that posts song lyrics. Montreality followers also follow edgy fashion brands, such as Off White and A Bathing Ape.

Montreality grew its Instagram community by 8% YoY, and as of April 2022, it has 264K followers.

Montreality has a very high posting cadence, on average they post 4 times a day, which totals 107 posts per month.

45% of Montreality’s posts are carousels, the account adds a mix of photos and videos to its carousels. 34% of Monreality’s posts are videos, and 21% are photos.

On average, each Montreality post receives 6.3K likes and 85 comments, which results in a 2.4% engagement rate. The account often asks followers to rate rappers' outfits, comment on their favorite pictures, and share their thoughts — all to spark conversations and increase engagement.

Discord | 6ixbuzztv | Complex Canada

Top carousels include two throwback posts — one is a compilation of the most-liked videos previously posted on the channel, and the second one is a collection of rappers’ yearbook photos. Carousel posts with the highest ERs:

ER: 5.7%

ER: 5.5%

ER: 5.2%

The top videos include one feature of an old music clip and a snippet from an interview where a host asked an unexpected question about a rapper’s favorite pokemon. Video posts with the highest ERs:

ER: 1.8%

ER: 1.6%

ER: 1.3%

The photo that received the most reactions features an Instagram post featuring Ashtray, and Fez from the popular show Euphoria received the highest engagement. Video posts with the highest ERs:

ER: 4.0%

ER: 3.7%

ER: 3.5%

Montreality most often posts the following:

Interview snippets

Montreality posts short snippets of the interviews it took with famous rappers. The public often chooses the highlights of the interviews that can spark the audience’s attention and trigger them to watch the full-length version. 

Views: 8.3K 

Eng: 1.5K (~0.6%)

Themed carousels

Montreality publishes themed carousels that either show rappers’ cars or a collection of old photos. Notably, carousels that feature rappers perform much better than carousels of funny photos, such as selfies taken by monkeys.

Eng: 10.1K (~3.8%)

Eng: 8.3K (~3.2%)


As we’ve seen from the list of Montreality’s followers favourite brands, the audience has a notable interest in edgy fashion brands. To cater to this interest, Montreality posts carousels of various rappers’ outfits. These could either be funny or edgy look, as well as Halloween costumes. Montreality often asks its followers to rate the outfit or comments on their favourite ones, hence increasing engagement.

Eng: 5.3K (~2.0%)

Eng: 13.1K (~5.0%)

Old tech

Montreality often posts throwbacks to old tech, whether that's screenshots of old games or recordings of Steve Jobs testing out the photo booth. However, these posts have lower engagement than the account’s average. 

Eng: 1.5K (~0.6%)

Eng: 1.9K (~0.7%)


Catering to its followers’ interest in culture, Montreality often features the work of modern digital artists whose works fit the style of the public.

Eng: 2.2K (~0.8%)

Eng: 2.5K (~0.9%)

Montreality ticks all the boxes when it comes to producing content that resonates with Gen Z:

Inclusivity. Content celebrates diverse individuals.

Unleashed creative. Crafty creatives and digital art.

Non-editorial visuals. Photos that aren’t perfectly staged in studios.

Transparency and accountability. Business behind-the-scenes

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