How Helly Hansen Increased Web Traffic by +213% over Q3-Q4 2020

August 30, 2021

Key Takeaways

Helly Hansen had a +213% increase in web traffic in Q3-Q4 2020, which was 41% greater than the previous year and significantly more than other brands in the industry. 

  • Organic Social Tactic — Increased Publishing Cadence: Helly Hansen increased their volume of content published on Facebook and Instagram by 111% and 28%, respectively. This increase in content increased engagements on Facebook and Instagram by a total of +32%. Try cross-promoting content across multiple platforms to increase your publishing cadence.
  • Paid Social Tactic —Facebook Link Ads: Helly Hansen used Facebook link ads to drive traffic to their blog posts. This accounted for 96% of their total Facebook ad spend. Their top-performing ads can be categorized by: Trust Takes You Further blog posts, informative articles, and product launches. Try increasing web traffic through promoting top performing blog posts with Facebook link ads. 
  • Content Tactic —Video Ads: Helly Hansen had a significant increase in video views due to their “Trust Takes You Further” and “Lifa Infinity Pro” video campaigns. These two 30 second videos generated a combined total of 12M views on Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, Helly Hansen ran the Lifa Infinity Pro video from November 1-22, 2020, as an ad on YouTube, resulting in a CPM of $18. Invest in video content for multifaceted campaigns and promote the video on Facebook and YouTube. 

Helly Hansen increased their web traffic by +213% over Q3-Q4 2020. Traffic peaked in November 2020 at 1.9M monthly visits.

When looking at web traffic YoY, this increase from Q3-Q4 2020 was +41% greater relative to the same period in 2019. In addition, the annual peak in traffic in November 2020 was +28% greater than the peak in November 2019.

The increase in traffic for Helly Hansen was significantly greater relative to all other outdoor apparel brands during Q3-Q4 2020.

Helly Hansen’s increase in traffic during Q3-Q4 2020 can be attributed to the following three reasons:

1. Increased Publishing Cadence:

Helly Hansen increased their posting on Facebook and Instagram, which increased social traffic. From the first half of the year to the latter half, social traffic increased on desktop (+107%) and mobile devices (+77%). In Q3-Q4 2020, social accounted for nearly 8% of all web traffic to the site.

Helly Hansen increased their average number of monthly posts on Facebook by +111% and on Instagram +28% from Q3 to Q4 2020.

This increase in their publishing cadence on Facebook and Instagram resulted in +171% and +45% increase in engagements on Facebook and Instagram respectively. 

During this time period, Helly Hansen’s created a buzz on Facebook with the top three posts below. These posts generated a total of +37K likes, +4.8K shares, and +1.0K comments.

Posts featured exceptional video and photo footage of expeditions in nature.

Likes: 5K | Comments: 415 | Shares: 1.8K

Likes: 21K | Comments: 237 | Shares: 1.5K

Likes: 23K | Comments: 363 | Shares: 1.5K

Helly Hansen’s top three Instagram posts during this period featured two athletes and cross-promoted an informative blog post on how to wash and re-waterproof a shell jacket. During this period, Helly Hansen’s Instagram content predominantly focused on photos (90%).

Athlete Partnership

Likes: 6.1K | Comments: 41

Blog Posts

Likes: 5.5K | Comments: 18

Athlete Partnership

Likes: 4.6K | Views: 29K 

Instagram Post by Type

Photo 89%

Video 7%

Carousel 4%

2. Facebook Link Ads:

Helly Hansen increased their social ad spend and focused on Facebook link ads to promote their blog content. During this period, Helly Hansen increased their US social ad spend by +56%, which resulted in a +77% increase in paid impressions. 

In the US, Helly Hansen increased their Facebook ads the most significantly, peaking in November 2020 at $347K. During this period Facebook ads made up 70% of their social ad spend. 

On Facebook, Helly Hansen ran primarily link post ads (96%). These link ads promoted recent blog posts and drove users to the respective article on the website.

Post #1, Post #2

Their top link ads can be categorized into three groups: Trust Takes You Further blog posts, informative article and product launch.

Trust Takes You Forward

Spend: $97K | Impressions: 10.3M | CPM: $9.0


Spend: $42K | Impressions: 5.7M | CPM: $7.0

Trust Takes You Forward

Spend: $40K | Impressions: 4.3M | CPM: $9.0

Product Launch

Spend: $32K | Impressions: 3.4M | CPM: $9.0

3. Video Ads:

Helly Hansen generated over 12M video views with two video campaigns on Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, Helly Hansen experienced an increase in their video views by +193% and +962% on YouTube and Facebook respectively during Q3-Q4 2020. This increase can be attributed to their “Trust Takes You Further” and “Lifa Infinity Pro” video campaigns.

Their “Trust Takes You Further” video launched in October 2020 on Facebook and YouTube and generated a total of +4.7M views. 

Trust Takes You Further Video

  • Facebook Views 2.2M
  • YouTube Views 2.5M
  • Video Length 30 sec.
  • *Ad spend for this campaign is currently unavailable.

Concept & Tactics: 
Video creative is a part of their multifaceted “Trust Takes You Further” campaign. The campaign featured blog posts, Facebook link ads, and organic Instagram posts along with this video.

  • Creative featured subtle shots of their product along with stunning footage from a ski expedition.
  • Video ended with the headline “Trusted by Professionals”. 

To promote their Life Infinity Pro product, Helly Hansen ran a 30s YouTube video campaign in September 2020 which generated +7.3M views.  

Lifa Infinity Pro Video

  • YouTube Views 7.3M
  • Paid Impressions 5.0M
  • YouTube Ad Spend $90K
  • Video Length 30 sec.

Concept & Tactics

  • Video focused on the product being both professional grade and responsibly made. 
  • Video mixed a variety of shots of the product and of ski expedition.
  • Ran video as an ad on YouTube from November 1-22, 2020. 

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