How Black Bruin (Turkey) Influencers Generated 68K Instagram Engagements Between May and July 2022

September 1, 2022
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Key Takeaways

Between May and July 2022, Black Bruin’s ambassadors generated 68K engagements on Instagram, here’s how:    


  • Black Bruin is currently focusing their influencer marketing efforts on Instagram, where it has 343K followers (as of August 2022). 
  • On average, Black Bruin is tagged in 5 influencer posts per month, and each post on average generates ~576 engagements. 
  • Black Bruin also recently tapped into TikTok, where it has 20.4K followers, however, they have not begun influencer marketing on the platform. 

Influencer Tier

  • 44% of Black Bruin’s influencers have between 1K and 10K followers.
  • 22% of influencers have more than 500K followers. 
  • 22% of influencers have between 50K and 500K followers.
  • 11% of influencers have  between 10K and 50K followers.

Influencer Types

  • The brand has worked with 9 influencers from Turkey between May - July 2022.
  • 38% of Black Bruin’s ambassadors are athletes (race car drivers or runners), another 38% are lifestyle influencers, 22% are musicians, and and a YouTuber car reviewer makes up the remaining 11%.
  • Musicians (22%) and the car reviewer (11%) generated the highest volume of engagements despite making up only 33% of Black Bruin’s influencer partnerships.

Black Bruin is an energy drink company based out of Turkey. Black Bruin is a brand that is a part of Oguz Food Inc. which started in 1997 (Source). The brand has 343K followers on Instagram, however, it posts quite infrequently — Black Bruin only posts 3 times per month.

Black Bruin works with influencers who create ~1 sponsored Instagram posts every month. The brand primarily collaborates with athletes, lifestyle influencers, musicians, and YouTubers.

All references to Black Bruin in this report refer to Black Bruin’s Turkey account.

Black Bruin has the highest number of followers on Instagram (343K), followed by Facebook (21K) and TikTok (20K). 

*Source: Data collected manually directly from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube; Date range: August 2022 

Looking at the posting cadence and engagement rate over the last 90 days, Black Bruin focused the most on Facebook per month. However, the engagement rate on Facebook was the lowest. The highest engagement rates were from Instagram.

*Source: Data collected manually directly from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube; Date range: August 2022

As of August 2022, there were a total of 366 total mentions of Black Bruin on Instagram and less than 30 mentions on every other platform. The number of social media posts include both posts published by influencers and non-influencers.

Date Range: All time, up to August 2022.
*Number of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter posts are an estimation based on the average number of video views with the hashtag #blackbruintr

From May - July 2022, Black Bruin received ~5 influencer posts per month with ~576 engagements of per post. 

Two influencers were omitted from the Instagram data analysis for average number of engagements due to being outliers. Facebook and TikTok were omitted because there was no data available.*Source: Data collected manually directly from Instagram and TikTok; Date range: April - June 2022

On average, 33% of Black Bruin’s posts on Instagram are influencer posts. The majority of them focus on either showcasing the product with a celebrity, athlete sponsorship, or how the product makes you perform better. The influencer posts featured on Black Bruin’s account are cross posted on the influencer’s account as well. 

Black Bruin relies on its network of trusted influencers to drive brand awareness on Instagram. The brand mainly collaborates with Instagrammers who are athletes, lifestyle creators, musicians, car YouTubers or popular celebrities.

Between May and July 2022, Black Bruin has collaborated with 9 influencers, who mainly promote the brand on Instagram. Black Bruin’s main Instagram page (@blackbruintr) works with Instagram bloggers from Turkey.

Black Bruin’s influencers mainly fall into the Nano category (44%) meaning that most of their influencers have either between 1K to 10K followers.

Looking at an average number of engagements, macro influencers’ posts generate the highest number of likes and comments, followed by mid-tier influencers.

Mid-tier influencers (15%) have the highest engagement rates overall. Nano influencers (4.4%) and Micro influencers (3.2%) have significant engagement rates in comparison to their average number of engagements. Black Bruin’s influencers’ ER is notably higher than the Instagram average for mid-tier influencers.

*Industry average to the specific influencer tier (Source)

Aleyna Dalveren, a Turkish celebrity actress and singer, has 2.1M followers, which is the highest number amongst Black Bruin’s influencers.

Race car driver athlete, Sena Savaşer is the most active influencer when it comes to the number of posts they create for Black Bruin. On average, most of Black Bruin’s collaborators post less than once per month (1 post in 90 days).

Aleyna Dalveren (2.1M followers) and Ali Kitay (167K followers) generated a higher number of engagements because of their larger followings on Instagram compared to the average (2K).

38% of Black Bruin’s influencers are athletes, another 38% are lifestyle influencers, 22% of influencers are musicians and the remaining 11% being a single car reviewer on YouTube.

In total, musicians and the car reviewer generated 60K engagements for Black Bruin between May - July 2022. Despite athletes and lifestyle influencers having the highest number of influencers in their category, their engagement rates were significantly lower due to the nano influencers receiving low engagement rates.

These posts by Aleyna Dalveren (Turkish singer) and Ali Kitay (car YouTuber) collected the highest number of engagements. These sponsored video posts showcased the influencers drinking the energy drink and performing better in their areas of expertise afterwards.

Top Influencer Posts:

Engagements: 41.5K | ER: 2%

Engagements: 27K | ER: 16%

Most of Black Bruin’s sponsored posts use the same filming guidelines; to tell a story about how drinking Black Bruin gives the influencer more energy, so that they can perform more effectively and efficiently. 

Engagements: 329 | ER: 17%

Engagements: 5.5K | ER: 0.9%

Other influencers simply just tag Black Bruin’s account and #blackbruin in their posts.

Engagements: 1.8K | ER: 2.4%

Black Bruin’s ad spend data is currently unavailable as of Aug 5th, 2022. 


*Source: Data collected manually directly from Instagram: Data Range: May - July 2022

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