How Alani Nu Influencers Generated 82K Monthly Engagements Between April and July 2022

August 2, 2022
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Key Takeaways

Between April and July 2022, Alani Nu’s ambassadors generated 82K engagements on Instagram, here’s how:    


  • Alani Nu is currently focusing its influencer marketing efforts on Instagram, where it has 838K followers (as of July 2022). 
  • On average, Alani Nu is tagged in 3 influencer posts per month on Instagram, and each post on average generates ~3.1K engagements. 
  • Alani Nu also tapped into TikTok, where it has 50K followers. Between April and July 2022 there was only one influencer-created post that generated 1.7K likes and comments.

Influencer Tier

  • 77% of Celsius influencers have between 50K and 500K followers on Instagram.
  • 15% of influencers have between 10K and 50K followers.

Influencer Types

  • Between April and July 2022, the brand worked with 16 influencers.
  • 54% of Alani Nu’s ambassadors are athletes and 38% are fitness lifestyle bloggers.
  • Lifestyle bloggers generate more engagements (47K) than professional athletes (30K). 

Alani Nu is a brand of nutrition supplements that come in a variety of formats and flavors. Ultimately, the brand states that its mission is “to help you succeed.” The company works with a roaster of influencers to promote its products on social media.  

The brand has 848K followers on Instagram, however, it posts quite infrequently — Alani Nu posts only about once per week. Alani Nu works with influencers who create ~3 sponsored Instagram posts every month. The brand primarily collaborates with professional athletes and lifestyle fitness bloggers. 

Alani Nu has the highest number of followers on Instagram (838K), followed by Facebook (135K). The brand launched its official TikTok account in June 2020 and gained 50K followers in two years. 

Alani Nu is the most active on Twitter, where the brand posts on average 9 times per week. While Alami Nu publishes only 2 videos on TikTok per week it generates an engagement rate of 6.4%. The brand has 5.7% ER on Instagram, where it posts only once per week.

There are about 34K total mentions of Alani Nu on Instagram, 2K on TikTok, and less than a thousand on every other platform.

The number of social media posts include both posts published by influencers and non-influencers.

Date Range: All time, up to July 2022. Number of posts are an estimation based on posts with the #analinutrition hashtag

Alani Nu receives only 3 influencer mentions on Instagram per month, which generate ~3K engagements. Only one influencer post has been identified on TikTok between April – June 2022, which generated 1.7K engagements. 

On average, 18% of Instagram posts are influencer posts. Alani Nu frequently runs giveaways on its Instagram page. The brand ran 5 giveaways between April and July 2022. 

Giveaway Post | Ajahzi Gardner

Between April and July 2022, Alani Nu has collaborated with 14 influencers, who mainly promote the brand on Instagram. 77% of them have between 50K to 500K followers, which classifies them as Mid-Tier influencers.

Alani Nu mostly works with both professional athletes and fitness lifestyle bloggers. Model Whitney Thornqvist is the most-followed influencer in Alani Nu’s roaster, who has a 470K fan community on Instagram. 

The brand also has a gated Instagram page dedicated to its ambassadors. The account has 336 followers, suggesting that the brand works with more niche influencers that are harder to identify.

77% of Alani Nu’s influencers fall into the Mid-Tier influencer category, meaning they have between 50K to 500K followers. 

Looking at an average number of engagements, Mid-Tier influencers’ posts generate the highest number of likes and comments (3.4K), followed by Nano-Influencers (611).

Posts by Nano-Influencers generate the highest engagement rate of 8.1%, followed by macro-influencers (1.9%). Alani Nu’s Nano-Influencers’ ER is 2X higher than Instagram’s average for the same influencer tier (4%).

Model Whitney Thornqvist has 470K followers on Instagram, which is the highest number amongst Alani Nu influencers.

Rhys Athayde, Whitney Thornqvist, and Olivia Rae are the most active influencers when it comes to the number of posts they create for Alani Nu. On average, Alani Nu ambassadors create 2 brand promo posts a month. 

Olivia Rae and Felicia Keathley, both mid-tier level influencers,  generated the highest number of likes and comments. 3 posts by Olivia Rae generated 14K engagements and 2 posts by Felicia Keathley generated 22K engagements.

The rest of the influencers generated less than 1K engagements

54% of Alani Nu’s influencers are athletes and 38% are lifestyle fitness bloggers.

In total, 5 lifestyle fitness influencers generated 47K engagements for Alani Nu, and 7 professional athletes generated 30K likes and comments on Instagram between April – July 2022. 

Two out of the top three posts were created by Felicia Keathley and both showcased what she eats in a day.

Top Influencer Posts:

Engagements: 14K | ER: 3.4%

Engagements: 11K | ER: 4.2%

Engagements: 8K | ER: 2.7%

Influencers often share how they make smoothies with Alani Nu protein or include Alani Nu’s products in “what I eat in a day” posts.

23% of Alani Nu’s Instagram feed ads between April and July 2022 featured influencers.

Data collected manually directly from Instagram: Data Range: April 1 – July 15,  2022

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