8 Ways CBD Brands Are Growing Their Email Lists

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April 1, 2020

Key Findings

cbdMD used gleam.io to run their social contests to acquire new email addresses: Gleam.io allows brands to track entries & pick winners, collect entries from hashtags, collect photo submissions and offers 100+ integrations.

Charlotte’s Web offered a lead magnet in the form of a webinar to educate their consumers about the science behind CBD: Consumers had to sign up using their email addresses to register for the event.

Charlotte’s Web gave away free products in exchange for their consumers’ email addresses to grow their email list size: Consumers could access the giveaway through their Instagram link in bio.

Social media is being used the most to acquire email addresses versus other digital channels: See this case study for an example of  what a good social contest looks like.

What Brands Should Be Thinking About

Consider using an app like Gleam to run effective social media contests on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter: Gleam has customized integrations for each social media platform and various CTAs such as email sign ups, refer-a-friend, and purchase product.

Become a resource hub for your consumers: Providing free educational content can build trust and loyalty with your consumers as they will go to your brand to seek advice from an industry expert.

Free giveaways can be a great way to build brand awareness and increases likelihood that these consumers will tell their friends about the product: Make sure the free product is high quality and relevant - if the product is of good value people will more likely write a positive review online. 

Integrate your social media with your email marketing efforts: Turn your social media followers to email newsletter subscribers - you don’t have control over social media networks and your account and all of your followers could be deleted due to strict regulations around CBD.

cbdMD and Charlotte’s Web acquires new emails through their blog which contains various articles about CBD and its health benefits. cbdMD uses a “Signup Now” CTA while Charlotte’s Web uses a “Submit” CTA for their blog.

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All competitors have an email signup button at the bottom of the homepage except for Medterra who has a large “Enter your email Address” button right above the homepage banner.


Competitors are offering a rewards/subscription program which offers faster shipping, exclusive offers, and reward points once you sign up for an account by entering your email.

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cbdMD hosted a giveaway, where consumers had to enter their email to win over $300 in cbdMD & Bellator MMA products.

Post #1, Post #2, Post #3

Charlotte’s Web consumers received a free adoption box with CBD products for their pet after entering their email and contact information.

Post #1
Post #1, Post #2, Post #3

Charlotte’s Web acquired new email addresses by hosting a free webinar to educate their consumers about the science of CBD.

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Charlotte’s Web partnered up with Realm of Caring foundation to give away free CBD products. Consumers had to enter their email address and complete a survey to receive a coupon code.

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Consumers had to enter their email address and complete a survey to receive a free CBD product from CW.

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