5 Ways Brands Are Increasing Sales and Customer Retention With Transactional Email

July 1, 2020
Sporting Goods & Outdoor

Key Takeaways

Send a Series of 3 Cart Abandonment Emails: Both Decathlon and The North Face sent out three cart abandonment emails within a 3 day period to stay top of mind. Timing is extremely important for cart recovery, make sure that you are sending out the first cart abandonment email within an hour of abandonment. According to a study by Omnisend, a series of 3 emails generated 63% more orders compared to just one cart abandonment email. 

Showcase Personalized Product Recommendations via Dynamic Content: Decathlon and The North Face used dynamic content to automatically pull in cart items and product categories into their emails. The North Face recommended a personalized list of products that were related to the items that the user has left in their abandoned cart. 

Test Various Subject Lines: The North Face included three different subject lines for each of their abandonment cart emails so that it feels like a “new” email although the key message is still the same. Acknowledge that the customer is still hesitant to purchase the items in the cart and provide them with new information in each abandoned cart email such as customer reviews, and detailed product descriptions to provide social proof. 

Be Proactive: Waiting for an item to be delivered can often be a long process, especially when there are unforeseen delays. Be proactive and address the issues before customers start to notice by frequently sending delivery updates via email to explain the cause and reassure the customer. 

To increase the chances of conversion, The North Face regularly sends “abandoned cart” email campaigns to customers who leave items in their cart.

abandoned cart

After the initial “abandoned cart” campaign, The North Face continues the user journey with more promotional campaigns.

Abandoned Carts Campaings

Even with a purchase being made, The North Face continues the cycle with the same user to bring them on another “abandoned cart” journey.

Abandoned Cart Journey

Remind customers about ongoing sales

The North Face sent their initial sale campaign 4 days ago on October 10th. Circling back with the user to remind them of the sale ending gives it one last push to convert the customer.

With the success of the first “abandoned cart” campaign, this time The North Face sent 3 “abandoned cart” emails within a 3 day period.

Abandoned Carts Campaign

Decathlon is another brand who utilizes “cart abandonment” email campaigns, sending out three in succession like The North Face.

Cart Abandonment Email

Use dynamic content and site algorithm to pick the best products to show the customer like Decathlon does.

Dynamic Contents

Aside from pushing promotional emails, Decathlon highlights their free delivery and generous exchange and returns policy to entice the customer to purchase.

Decathlon Highlights

Another important part of customer journey mapping is the “order confirmation” stage. Patagonia regularly sends at least 4 emails to customers during this stage.

Order Confirmation

As soon as a customer’s order leaves it facilities, Patagonia notifies the customer of that process in two separate emails.


Both emails include a reconfirmation of shipping address and order number, similar to the initial order confirmation email. This time, however, a tracking number is added.


Lastly, a final order confirmation email is sent once the order arrives at the customer’s designated shipment location.

Confirmation Email

In special cases where delivery promises are not met due to sales volumes or external factors, Patagonia makes sure to keep customers updated on those matters.

Delivery Promise

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