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June 23, 2021
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

Tactic — Paid Search Focus On Mortgage, Investing, & Online Banking Keywords: TD focused a significant number of its Paid Search ads on keywords associated with mortgages, investing, & online banking. These are all areas that have been affected by COVID which may be why TD is focusing a majority of their ads on these topics.

Tactic — Test Urgency Elements in Ad Copy: TD is invoking a sense of urgency in their Paid Search ads by including copy such as “open an account online today” or “start now.” This is meant to elicit potential customers to embark upon the sign-up process that moment instead of differing it to later which may result in the sign up not happening.

Tactic — Easy & Informative Applications: TD’s Paid Search landing pages are set up to be both informative and provide an easy application experience. The pages are clear with customizable elements that provide tailored information meant to help the potential customer with their decision.

Tactics — Test Branded vs. Non-Branded Keyword Targeting: Including branded terms in paid search keywords narrows the targeting of your ads to those searching for your brand & the specific product. This can help increase conversions as the customer is directed to the landing page of your choice, rather than the page Google deems is best.

TD’s Paid Search traffic increased +28% MoM in August.

Web Traffic
*Based on desktop data only

Top ads* in August focused on farm land financing, welcome offers, account opening promotions, and direct investing support.

Top Ads
Target keywords: “agtech and financialization”| Landing pageTarget keywords: “bank of america credit card”| Landing page
Top Ads
Target keywords: “alterna bank tfsa” landing page
Target keywords: “budget calculator” landing page

*Top ads have an average ad position of 3 or higher in the SERP for the time period analyzed.

Looking closer at a Paid Search ad landing page, the Farm Land Financing landing page starts with a CTA to book an appointment while highlighting that TD can help with both “day-to-day and long term credit needs.”

Paid Search ad Landing Page

It then provides an option to get different credit solution information based upon whether the customer’s needs are short or long term.

Short Term or Long Term

TD then suggests other products that they offer related to farming such as insurance, foreigh exchange services, and industry specific reports.


Last, TD outlines the items needed to apply as well as a few ways for the customer to apply based upon their preferences.

What you need to apply?

The majority of TD’s paid search ad keywords in August focused on their mortgage, investing, and online banking offerings.

*Based on the top 250 paid keywords in August

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