Influencer-Forward TikTok Strategy that Drove a +9,311% YoY Video Views Increase

January 13, 2022
Financial Services

Key Takeaways

Current is a modern fintech company providing flexible financial solutions that aren’t always available at traditional banks. It offers such benefits as faster direct deposit, fee-free overdraft, and teen banking. The company targets the younger generations, such as Millennials, Gen Z, and even teens, and tailors its marketing strategy to reach them via appropriate channels.

  • Social Platforms – Current invests in Building an Engaged TikTok Community: The brand has the largest following on TikTok (609K), followed by Twitter (554K). Current adjusts content for each platform and it’s seen the fastest growth on TikTok.
  • Community-first approach – Early in 2021 Current Launched a Creator Community Initiative Where Content Creators Could Apply to Become Current Ambassadors. This program along with the influencer-forward advertising model enabled Current to fuel its TikTok channel solely with creators-generated content. This shift has resulted in significant YoY growth amongst all key metrics: +9,311% in avg. video views; + 16,690% in avg. likes per video and +3,320% in avg. shares per video.
  • Content – Influencers Generated Trendy Content That Taps into a Range of Audience Interests: Content creators shoot videos in a manner that doesn’t come across as too pushy or polished. This way Current is almost natively introduced to the Gen Z audience. Mr. Beast, the most-followed influencer Current collaborates with, hosts money giveaways in his own style. Other fashion-forward bloggers showcase their shopping sprees with the Current card. Some influencers create short overview videos of Current often saying it’s the “future of banking” and highlighting its Faster Direct Deposit benefit.

Current is a modern fintech company that claims to be better than banks. The company’s mission statement says that it’s “focused on creating better financial outcomes for people and their unique lives.” Current provides a range of flexible financial solutions, such as early payroll, teen banking, and a fee-free overdraft. The company experienced rapid growth in the last two years when web traffic reached 1M monthly users (+94% YoY).

Current built a 1.3M audience on social media with the largest following on TikTok (609K), followed by Twitter (554K).

In March 2021, Current launched a community program aimed to build a strong network of influencers that would promote the brand across their own social media channels. Current invites content creators to become brand ambassadors and promote the brand on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

The content creator application page has been getting 2.5K avg. monthly visits since March 2021.

Creators are encouraged to use branded hashtags. Videos with #currentcreator generated 70.3M views on TikTok, and videos tagged #currentcommunity were watched 35.2M times.

The launch of the Creator Community program enabled Current to fuel its TikTok solely with creator-generated content. The only two videos created by the brand were a high-quality production ad and a reel from an influencer event.

Since the brand switched to the creator-first TikTok content strategy, it saw a dramatic increase across all performance indicators. 

Current collaborates with influencers who have millions of TikTok followers. The brand frequently works with Mr. Beast, an American blogger with 31M followers on TikTok and 88M on YouTube.

The brand has a variety of interests represented through its influencer roaster — from comedians to baristas and from prankers to foodies.

Money giveaways

Current partners with Mr. Beast and Logan Paul to host big money giveaways. An influencer would announce the condition required to enter the draw, like opening a Current account or transferring payroll, and then randomly draw winners who successfully met the criteria. In one of the videos, Mr. Beast and Current deposited $10K to ten randomly selected participants.

@current Who’s gonna win tonight? We’re team @loganpaul. Use creator code LOGAN for a chance to win $500 from Logan. #fyp #foryou #loganpaul #floydmayweather ♬ original sound - Current

@current It's a Current x MrBeast EXCLUSIVE! @mrbeast ♬ original sound - Current

Spoiling a partner

Several videos on the brand’s TikTok show how a Current cardholder pays for their partner or sibling as they go to movies, beauty salons, and shopping sprees.

@current Post Grad doesn’t seem so bad 👩‍🎓 🎥: @sheeksonfleek #currentcommunity #fypシ #postgradlife #feastin ♬ original sound - Current

@current life hack: get current and treat your girl😉 @imanthonyvargas #currentcreator #couplegoals ♬ original sound - Current

@current get you a guy like him😍 @galandjosh #currentcreator #cutecouple ♬ original sound - Current


Heartfelt videos telling a story or showing preparation for a surprise with emotional endings. Influencers use the Current card to pay for secret gifts.

@current I’m not crying, you are! 😢 #currentcommunity #fyp #foryou 🎥: @theblondejon ♬ original sound - Current

@current If this isn’t the kind of holiday surprise we’re getting this year… then we don’t want it 🎁🎅🏼 @Bru #currentcreator #nowishdeclined ♬ original sound - Current


Content creators showcase what they bought or wish to buy with the Current card.

@current Graduating into Adulting like… 🎥: @_angelicasong #currentcommunity #fypシ #gradszn #adulting ♬ original sound - Current

@current This is how you take over the summer! 🎥: @lindsiann #currentcommunity #summertrends #summerhaul #summervibez ♬ original sound - Current

Current Overview

Many influencers show how they unpack their Current card envelope and narrate all the card features as they do so. Often they would introduce Current as the “future of banking.”

@current You get a card, you get a card 💳 🎥: @thatboycollins #currentcommunity #fyp #shoppingspree ♬ original sound - Current

@current The outfit is a 10/10 bestie! Time to kiss the old way of banking goodbye 👋 🎥: @daniellocampo #currentcommunity #fyp #outfitcheck ♬ original sound - Current

Get Paid Early

Content creators come up with many fun ways to highlight the Faster Direct Deposit feature of Current.

@current Get dripped out and have money in the bank! 🎥:@keemokazi #currentcommunity #fyp #foryou #dripped #cashmoney ♬ original sound - Current

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