How Nissan Lifted Brand Awareness by 92% with a TikTok Challenge

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January 1, 2021

Key Takeaways

Social Media Tactic — Create A Challenge to Engage New Audiences: Nissan Australia doesn’t have a big following (555 followers) on TikTok. Yet it didn’t stop the brand from launching a TikTok Duet challenge and promoting its new Nissan Juke to the younger audience. The brand leveraged its own channels to build awareness about the contest and engaged TikTok influencers to inspire their audiences to participate. Nissan also used influencers' videos as TikTok in-feed ads.

TikTok Challenge — Ensure the Rules are Clear and Easy to Follow: Nissan asked the creators to voice over its TV ad and post it to TikTok with the #improvisewithJUKE hashtag. The most creative voice-over would air as a TV ad. Nissan Juke outlined the rules on a branded hashtag TikTok page and ensured that influencers follow these guidelines when creating promo videos. As a result, 34K videos were posted and all together they gained 140.6 million views. 

TikTok Challenge — Focus on a Specific Product: Nissan Australia saw Google Searches for “Nissan Juke” go up by 144% vs. the previous year and 44% more people visiting its website from Nissan Juke-related searches. Overall, Nissan Australia revealed that the TikTok challenge led to a 92% lift in brand awareness.

Nissan incorporated the following tactics for their branded hashtag challenge:

  • Keep it simple: voice-over challenges are accessible for everyone, compared to dancing or singing challenges.
  • Include TikTok features: Nissan asked followers to create voice overs using the “duet” feature. Consider using different TikTok effects and features for your challenge.
  • Offer a prize incentive: in this case, the winner was featured on a TV ad. Offer a reward to the winner of the challenge to increase the number of participants. 

In July 2020 Nissan Australia supported the new Juke model launch with an interactive TikTok campaign.

Nissan Australia - Tiktok Campaign - July 2020

To participate in the challenge users had to come up with a creative voice-over for the Nissan Juke ad.

Nissan Australia - Juke Ad

While Nissan leveraged its own Instagram account to announce the contest, the brand also relied on paid ads and influencers to spread awareness on TikTok.

Nissan Australia - Instagram and TikTok Paid Ads

TikTok influencers created their own videos to inspire their audiences to come up with unique voice-overs. Nissan then used creators’ videos as in-feed ads.

Nissan TikTok - Audience Voice-Overs
Voice-Over #1 | Voice-Over #2 | Voice-Over #3 | Voice-Over #4

34K videos with the #improvisewithJUKE hashtag were posted during the two months of the campaign (July – August 2020).

Voice-Over #1 | Voice-Over #2 | Voice-Over #3

Nissan - #improvisedwithJUKE - TikTok Videos

During the time of the campaign (July – August 2020) Google searches for “Nissan Juke” were 144% higher than the previous year.

Nissan - Google Search Trend - Nissan Juke

Nissan Australia saw a 44% increase in search visits to its website from Nissan Juke-related keywords.

Nissan Australia - Organic Search Website Traffic

Nissan Australia - Voice-Over Winner Announcement
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