How Alo Moves Leverages Its Influential Yoga Instructors to Add +25% New Daily Users

January 1, 2021

Key Takeaways

Alo Moves works with macro influencer-level yoga instructors, some of which have up to 787K followers on Instagram. The brand leverages its trainers across paid and organic channels, as well as frequently features them in its sister brand (Alo Yoga) communication. Putting instructors first and foremost, Alo Moves helps them to further build out their personal brands and in turn, trainers spread brand awareness to wider audiences. 

Website — Content-Rich Pages for Each Instructor: Alo Moves created content-rich pages for each instructor. While these pages introduce trainers to the community they also help to capture organic traffic searching for instructors’ names. The brand also runs paid ads targeting the names of its most popular trainers, such as Dylan Werner, Briohny Smyth and Patrick Beach.

Paid Ads — Feature Instructors in the Ad Creatives: In 2020, Alo Moves spent 93% ($1.5M) of its paid advertising budget to run ads that feature its instructors. The ads primarily communicated new classes and invited users to come train with specific trainers. The brand opted for running ads on social media channels, allocating 60% of the budget to Instagram ads.

Organic Content — Reuse Class Content: Instructors are featured in 55% of Alo Moves Instagram posts. The brand introduces new classes with short video snippets of instructors performing an exercise. Alo Moves makes its trainers the ambassadors of its social responsibility agenda and lets them host live conversations with social activists. When Alo Moves ventured into TikTok, it carried over its instructor-focused approach to a new platform. The trainers appear in most of the Alo Moves videos on TikTok, where their educational videos focused on perfecting a single exercise (i.e. hopping into a handstand or doing push-ups) perform best. 

Newsletter — Add Value with Instructor-Led Events: Alo Yoga sends out a monthly newsletter to its 424K subscriber list and oftentimes features instructors-led events and masterclasses. While the latest March newsletter didn’t include any events from the Alo Moves instructors, it was the first time when people’s Instagram handles were added rather than their names.

Alo Moves is a meditation and wellness app that offers yoga, pilates, barre and other workout classes from 71 instructors.   

Alo Moves

Alo Moves works with macro influencer-level yoga instructors, some of which have up to 787K Instagram followers.    

Alo Moves

Alo Moves leverages its instructors to build brand awareness, drive traffic to its website and engage the community.

Alo Moves


Alo Moves creates very elaborate and content-rich pages for each instructor on its website.

Alo Moves Website

In 2020, traffic to the instructors’ pages grew by +261% YoY, which is in line with a +258% total traffic increase to

Website Traffic
Desktop only traffic

Share of website traffic to the instructors’ pages reached 26% in February of 2021.

Share of Desktop Traffic
Desktop only traffic

Internal referrals drive 78% of the traffic to the instructor profile pages. Link to them is prominently displayed on the main site navigation.

Internal Referral

Elaborate trainer pages help capture organic search traffic looking for specific instructors and show the Alo Moves website in the top Google search results.

Organic Search

Paid Ads

Alo Moves leverages its star instructors in search ads, targeting their names. The brand runs multiple search ads targeting Dylan Werner, its best-known instructor, that interchangeably lead to his profile or class finder page. 

Paid Keywords

The brand also ran search ads targeting “Patrick Beach” and “Briohny Smyth” keywords. Combined, all search ads leveraging Alo Moves instructors brough around 2% of the website traffic since late 2019.

Paid Keywords

Alo Moves features instructors in their social media ads, calling to practice with a specific trainer.

Social Media Ads
Ad #1 | Ad #2 | Ad #3 | Ad #4

Instructors are the stars of Alo Yoga’s new clothing line promotions.


New Alo Moves classes are being advertised with aspirational videos of instructors performing asanas or flexing muscles as they lead a HIIT workout.


New Alo Moves Instagram
Ad #1 | Ad #2 | Ad #3

Class snippets are used to promote Alo Moves workout series and challenges. Instructors are mentioned in the captions. 


Class Snippets
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Since 2020, 93% of Alo Moves’ digital ad budget was invested into ads featuring instructors. 

Click to view | Click to view
Spend is a directional approximation and does not include retargeting, or behavioural targeting. *Jan ‘20 - Mar. ‘21

Alo Moves invested 60% of its advertising dollars in Instagram ads. 

Spend is a directional approximation and does not include retargeting, or behavioural targeting. *Jan. ‘20 - Mar. ‘21

Organic Social

Instructors are featured in more than half (55%) of Alo Moves’ Instagram posts*.

Alo Moves Instagram Content by topic
*Based on the last 100 posts published by Alo Moves.

Alo Moves announces new classes with short video snippets focused on instructors demonstrating exercises, who are also tagged in the posts. 

Instructors become the faces of Alo Moves social responsibility agenda. They lead interviews and host live conversations with prominent figures in various domains. For example, for Black History Month, Alo Moves led a series of Instagram lives with Black activists and creators hosted by its instructor Jacy Cunningham.

Root to Rise

When Alo Moves ventured into TikTok in early 2020, the brand carried over its instructor-focused content strategy to this platform. Alo Moves posts class snippets of instructors explaining how to do a specific exercise (i.e. properly push or hop into a handstand). 

Followers: 5.5K

Need a #homeworkout? Give this routine from #AloMoves instructor Josh Kramer a try! Increase the reps for more of a challenge 🔥 #fitnesschallenge

♬ Roses (Imanbek Remix) - SAINt JHN

Alo Yoga, a sister yoga apparel brand with 2.8M Instagram followers, regularly features Alo Moves instructor on its page, introducing them to its audience.

Josh KramerMelini JesudasonHiro Lansazuri


Alo Yoga sends out a monthly newsletter to its 428K subscriber list, inviting them to attend Alo Moves instructors-led online events.

Monthly Newsletter

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