Driving Sales by Activating With Affiliates and Memes on Instagram

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July 1, 2020

Key Takeaways

Tactic — Affiliate Program: Sunday Scaries has the largest Instagram following amongst competitors partly due to their prolific affiliate program they call their “Squad.” These influencers span a diverse ray of categories from athletes, to Twitch streamers, and even millennial entrepreneurs. 

Each influencer is given a unique discount code that they can share with their followers for typically 10-15% off their purchase. Sunday Scaries amplifies the influencer posts by sharing it in a story and adding it to an evergreen story highlight on their profile.

Sunday Scaries uses a similar tactic on YouTube (where they get their highest amount of desktop social traffic) with influencers creating video content talking about their product with a discount link in the video description.

Tactic — Relevant & Self Deprecating Content: Sunday Scaries web & Instagram audience skews young (majority is between 18-34). As a result, Sunday Scaries highest engaged content speaks to this demographic and typically takes the form of memes that are relatable to those who take CBD. Incorporating memes and humour to their Instagram page gives followers a reason to come back to their channel consistently. 

Track Affiliate Sales & Reward Your Affiliates: Use tools such as Voluum to track the performance of your affiliates and optimize your affiliate strategy. Reward high performing influencers with higher commission rates or offer additional benefits to build a strong relationship with your affiliate network.

Sunday Scaries CBD has amassed the largest following on IG compared to the competitive set:

Sunday Scaries CBD’s audience skews younger with the majority of their website visitors and Instagram followers falling between the ages 18-34.

As a result of their younger demographic, Sunday Scaries has catered their content to appeal to the millennial audience through their use of copy and format. Top performing content includes memes that are in a gif like format and are not directly linked to CBD, but involve self-deprecating humor that is relatable to people that take CBD.

Post #1, Post #2,

Memes are catered specifically to their target demographic, are timely, and relevant (i.e: COVID-19 related).

Meme #1, Meme #2

Sunday Scaries also has an affiliate program which they refer to as the “Squad” on Instagram where they provide each influencer with their own discount code (10% off).

Sunday Scaries’ influencer network is quite diverse. Influencers that are a part of their program are mostly micro influencers from a wide variety of backgrounds from entrepreneurs to mommy influencers to athletes:

@maryelizabethrobb, @daneburman, @everydayvogue, @nycdatenite

Sunday Scaries creates stories for each member of their affiliate program (“Squad) and features them on an Instagram stories highlight. Sunday Scaries also encourages other followers to tag them in photos for the chance to become part of their “Squad.”

Looking at desktop social traffic, Sunday Scaries generates the most from YouTube at 60%.

Again, this is largely in part to their affiliate program that they have expanded to YouTube where influencers include custom discount codes in their video descriptions.

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