Content Opportunity Quadrants™

Identify golden content opportunities that are resonating with your audience.

Find the content that’s resonating with your audience.

RightMetric’s Content Opportunity Quadrants™ research measures the performance of thousands of recent posts in your niche and identifies the top performing themes that your audience loves. But that’s just the beginning.

Identify stale and oversaturated content to avoid.

Stand out from competitors by creating content that truly resonates with your audience, note stale messaging that's already oversaturated by other brands.

Get detailed examples of best practices for implementation.

Creating great content is one piece of the puzzle. Executing effective distribution is the other. Every RightMetric content insight is paired with executional best practices to ensure your message is seen by as much of your audience as possible.

Inform a winning content strategy across every distribution channel.

By using a multitude of data sources, RightMetric's content analyses covers all the channels that matter to your brand and your audience.

How it works

1. Measure audience attention.

2. Benchmark competitors’ focus.

3. Identify content whitespace opportunities.

To identify content themes that are generating high levels of engagement from your audience.

To identify content that is already oversaturated by your competitors.

Content at the intersection of high audience attention and low competition from other brands are the golden opportunities.

Leading brands are already using RightMetric to create content that resonates.

Martin B testimonial headshot

RightMetric’s ability to seamlessly understand the DNA of a partner brand and their consumers, while providing strategic insight allows my team to focus on moving fast without hesitation, which is key in today’s business environment.

Martin Brüeckner, Global Head of Sports Communications

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Andrew D testimonial headshot

“My entire career has revolved around using data to understand customers to gain a competitive advantage. No analytics or research vendor can do what RightMetric does. Their team will provide you with insights on WHY things happen in a way that you haven’t seen before.

Andrew Donaher, Vice President, Digital & Analytics

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Kate D testimonial headshot

RightMetric’s work helped us understand where Vancity stood in relation to our competitors online, which allowed us to reconstruct the best elements of their strategies to push our social and digital to the next level.

Kate Drance, Marketing Manager

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Samantha R testimonial headshot

“The depth, creativity and holistic nature of RightMetric’s analysis was highly insightful and supported the development of our new marketing strategy. Their insights informed our approach to the largest new product launch of the year and resulted in our highest sell through - ever.

Samantha Rayner, Director of Marketing

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