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Digital Intelligence Enables Smarter & Faster Business Decisions

The days of making critical business decisions based on hunches and gut reactions are gone. Interpreting the right data intelligently can help organizations understand their customers, competitors, and industry on a deeper level to drive smarter and fast business decisions across the enterprise.

We collect and analyze internet data from four key categories

Social Media Data

Social media conversation and usage delivers huge volumes of unvarnished, unsolicited consumer opinion and behaviours surrounding any topic.

Web Traffic + App Usage Data

Which sites do people visit? What apps do they use? Where is this traffic referred from? What are their usage patterns?

Search Engine Data

Who searching what, from which geographic areas, and how this has changed over time.

Video Consumption Data

Find out on which platforms are users consuming video for any topics, who the top video creators are, and what strategies they are using to win people’s attention.

Digital intelligence is a valuable practice that is here to stay

Personalization is the new standard

Personalization drives customer satisfaction across the board – whether a consumer is browsing, commuting, shopping, listening, or watching – all of this is driven by a focus on personalization.

Data-backed decisions are better decisions

There’s mounting evidence that data-focused businesses are more agile than ones that primarily rely on anecdotal experience and instinct – which allows them to make better, faster decisions.

Well-used data = Consumer satisfaction

Brands that have the most data about their consumers and their preferences and who use it to their advantage have some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Find the truth, at scale

By analyzing data points from enterprise, search, and social media APIs, we can leverage the most comprehensive & unbiased body of consumer trend information on Earth.

Real-time & historical

Online consumer data is recorded and available in real-time. Lag between data collection and decision making is eliminated. Years of historical data provides ample context for all types of consumer analysis.

Understand why

Many focus their business strategy and research around what’s happening, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s important to focus on going deeper to answer the more important question of why things are happening, making it easier to draw concrete, data-driven conclusions.

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